11 Successful Writing Tips for Twitter Users

Getting your message across while writing 140-characters for Twitter is an art and a science. It takes practice and knowledge of how to become skilled in conveying your message, idea or promotion in as few, but powerful, words as possible.

Tweet Pencil

This makes the difference between a Tweet that gets lost in the shuffle of hundreds of followers and those Tweets that take a ride on the highly social and viral wave of clicks and Re-tweets.

Below are some tips to write better Twitter messages, or Tweets, to better reach your audience while looking professional and maintaining a position of authority on your subject matter.

  1. Own Your Account – maintain a personal but friendly personality through all of your tweets. If you are tweeting on behalf of a company, disclose that information as to not alienate your followers.
  2. Think Before Your Tweet – know what you are trying to say and keep your followers or customers in mind. Could that message you are about to send be offensive to someone or irrelevant to your following?
  3. Be a Tease – let your followers know there is a person behind the Tweet and that you have a personality. Grab your reader’s attention with engaging headlines that make them want to read more.
  4. Watch the Grammar – if you don’t know how it is spelled, write it in a word processing program before sending it through Twitter. You want to remain an authority figure that knows what he/she is talking about. Bad grammar can easily change that respect.
  5. Show Personality – pick a personality for your Twitter account and keep it. Let your followers know that you are a real human being by engaging Tweets on hobbies as well as professional interests.
  6. Don’t Be Over Personal – unless you own a bar or nightclub, your Twitter followers do not need to hear about your experiences as such places. Keep those updates for your personal Facebook account to share with your friend, family and high school chums.
  7. Don’t Send Auto Direct Messages – they may seem like a good idea to bring more awareness to your website or brand but research has found that many people automatically unfollow a person when they receive a canned response.
  8. Remember Hashtags – these little nuggets of gold connect Twitter users more personally when used during events or special promotions. Hashtags are similar to bolding subjects to make them stand out and initiate conversations on niches close to the Twitter users’ heart.
  9. Make Room For ReTweets – just because there are 140-characters doesn’t mean you have to use them all. If you want to have your username included in Twitter retweets, leave enough room so there is less work for your followers to share the message with their friends and followers.
  10. Verify Valid Links – check your links before you send or retweet them. All it takes it one invalid link or, worse, link to a phishing website to make your followers disappear quickly.
  11. Review Your Tweets – double-check that Tweet you are about to send for spelling and grammar. You’d be surprised how mistyping one letter in a word can make it a highly offensive word or Tweet. Ensure that the message you are sending is powerful, direct and engaging before hitting that Tweet button.

Using social media networking websites, like Twitter, can seem like a lot of work but knowing the basic etiquette rules when utilizing these communication tools can help greatly in growing your networking, bringing in new customers, creating brand awareness or increasing your return on investment (ROI).

If there are any netiquette Twitter tips missed, please feel free to chime in with a comment.


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