12 Tips to Promote and Publicize Your New Blog

The number of new blogs that are created every day by companies and individuals is staggering.

Promoting Your Blog on Social Media

Up until now getting a blog designed, optimized and launched are just the first steps that every new blogger must experience. The world will not know you have a great blog to read, subscribe or link to until you take an vital next step: promotion.

There are 12 free or almost free tips you can used for promoting and marketing your blog:

  1. Link Adding – include a link to your blog from the navigation of your main website.
  2. Badge Creation – everyone wants to belong and a badge will give visitors a visually appealing way to share your blog with the world.
  3. Email Signatures – free real estate is at the bottom of your email! Include a link to your new blog in every email you send out to spread the word.
  4. Create a Newsletter – use your company or personal newsletter to let your subscribers knows about the new blog.
  5. Networking Power – promote your blog to your friends, family and customers through your Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn social media networks.
  6. Press Release – highly significant blogs that convey a popular company message may warrant a press release.
  7. Submit That Blog – submit the new blog to blogger and feed directories.
  8. Share The Love – tell people in person about your new blog.
  9. Link Exchanges – use a blog roll to link to other relevant blogs and let the authors know about the link – they may just give a link back to your blog.
  10. Giveaway – promote your blog through contests or giveaways of your products or services. Everyone wants a free prize!
  11. Guest Posting – announce open guest posting available on your blog to cross-promote with other bloggers.
  12. Survey Your Readers – run surveys and ask potential readers what topics they may enjoy reading about.

The most beneficial method of promotion is through strong blog content.

When writing, you must write for the reader in order to keep them reading and coming back for more.

Give the readers what they want through content and community building and they will not only continue reading your blog but also pass it along to their friends and social media networking communities.

All it takes is word of the web to turn a new blog into the hottest new blog on the Internet.


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  • Mike

    Seems I should add a 13th, as it’s a very simple, and often overlooked, method.

    Leave comments on blog posts you enjoy. Develop the relationship that way, with some useful additional info.

    Prime example 🙂

  • Grace

    Giveaway – promote your blog through contests or giveaways of your products or services. Everyone wants a free prize!

    this is the most effective. Sites that host monthly giveaways will surely have loyal readers, subscribers for their blogs.

    • Shannon Steffen

      Giveaways are my biggest blog tip. I own a dog blog as well and whenever I get to do a dog product review, I always make sure the company is willing to provide any extra product for one of my lucky readers. The last one was for a free antler bone and they loved it!

      • Grace

        that’s cool!

        I often joined blog contests and I won few times already. But since I start working, I stopped joining contests.

        But I can see the effectiveness of that strategy when it comes to engaging readers 🙂

  • Sometimes, giveaway is not possible because of financial conditions. I do think it’s good. Also, we should create facebook like page for our blog at the evry first instant.

  • shashi kumar

    Sometimes we forget basic things and start doing ahead but the actually we need to always remember basic steps whether it is SEO or another job. because these are the base of SEO. I liked your suggetion given above.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Shannon Steffen

      Thank you!

      Yes, there are certainly basic foundational rules in SEO that will help people come up higher in search engine results for their target audience. Once that foundation is in place, you are more secure in building a better brand.

  • Beverly Lewis

    Thanks for your clear, right on advice! It’s easy to wonder, “Is anyone listening” when the gusher of information we have available flows 24/7. But when we target correctly, the right readers will find us. Great article.

    • Shannon Steffen

      As you know, Beverly, the goal is to stand out above the noise. Once authority is built, the stage is set and it’s easier to build those quality relationships. My goal is to help people and business with some of the building blocks to get them started.

      Thanks so much for your feedback and comment. Your insight is always appreciated.