I’m Starting a New Adventure in September 2019!

As the summer draws to an end, so too does the Central Garden & Pet chapter of my life. 

But before I look forward, I want to pause and reflect briefly on a few of the many amazing things that this chapter has contained. 

Together with some of the industry’s most talented doers, I helped build-up an amazing Digital Communications team at our Wisconsin location; bringing together more than 6 brands across all types of specialty pet products to streamline B2B2C marketing initiatives. I am incredibly proud and grateful for all that this chapter has produced and taught me. To all the team members, brand managers and believers I have served alongside; I will forever cherish our battlefield experiences together and I salute and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I also want to add: While handing in my resignation this week was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, the positivity that has poured out from my manager Kimberly Doud, my team, my friends and my family has been amazing. The team is in great hands with Kimberly, the Wisconsin DigiComm team and extended team members Robin Chernak, Christopher Jones and Dan Oman at the helm. The beat shall go on!

And as the new season begins, so too does my new professional chapter. 

I am leaving the manufacturing industry and diving headfirst into the wonderful world of agency work as a SEO Account Manager for an awesomely geeky and results-driven company headquartered in Chicago.

While I can’t yet share the details of where I am heading until late September, I can share that my role will be doing what I love: driving search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and creating action-packed digital marketing success plans to achieve client goals with a group of wildly talented people.

I look forward to sharing more in less than a month’s time. Until then, you can count on me to be stationed with my wonderfully supportive family in Milwaukee, with my head down on what’s next, pausing as needed to help others stand out and live life to the fullest.

Irish smiles! ☘️


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