3 SEO On-Page Tricks to Build Your Business Brand

You’ve heard of Google, haven’t you? It’s that huge search engine that directs traffic to your business website or online brand.

Google SEO Branding

To keep ranks of its search engine results page in check, Google creates frequent algorithm changes that have the best brands online scratching their digital heads. Did you know though that there are basic search engine optimization (SEO) tricks that are still highly effective – that help increase your page results regardless of the search engine changes? Well, I’m here to give you 3 of those SEO tactics that you can count on to better optimize your business website or blog for the search engines.

SEO for Building Your Business Brand Online

1) Always Know Your Keywords – Using every keyword you’d like to on your website is impossible and your customers may not even speak the same language as your team. Choosing your keyword carefully will give you the most return on your time. Using a tool such as Google’s AdWords Keyword Tools will help highlight competitive keywords to use in your blog posts, main website page, meta tags, and key landing pages. When using keywords though, remember to write first for your target market and then go back to edit for keywords. The humans are the ones buying your products and services – not the search engines.

2) Create Compelling Content – There are many different types of digital content; from blog posts to eBooks and white papers to videos. Make sure to give your visitors an easy way to share that content. Social sharing buttons are crucial to your business’ online success. If a visitor cannot share your content through social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, then you’ve lost the opportunity to turn a visitor into a champion. You’re business or brand doesn’t have to be on every social media network but it does need to allow others an easy way to share your content.

3) Link Within Your Brand’s Website – Once you get people to your website, you need to have ways to keep them there and wanting more. Your content should not only be compelling but you need to be linking within your own website to other appropriate sections or content. Put links to other related content and calls to action.

If you want a brand advocate, then your business needs to create content and make it easy to share. When you turn people into champions, they help build the brand for you. Give them a method to share and watch the search engines happily index all your brand has to offer.

Question: Does your brand have a digital footprint? If so, what do you see as the foundation to its success?

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