3 Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans

Do you have a Facebook Fan Page for your business, personal brand or organization? If so, then your Facebook Fan Page is just one of the hundreds of thousands – if not millions – that exists today.

Facebook Fan Page Engagement

With so much competition out there on Facebook, success boils down to the level of human interaction and engagement. To help, here are 3 ways to engage your Facebook Fans and increase your level of success online.

1. Be a Thankful Human Being

When a person becomes a fan of your Facebook Page, etiquette calls for you to give something in return. This can be a simple thank you message every so often or include special updates, events, coupons or contests for only that select group of people. Being grateful to your clients, customers or peers only takes a few seconds but greatly enhances the level of relationships online.

2. Ask for Their Opinions

Ask your Facebook Fans questions and engage them on topics they are interested in. This is a great opportunity to poll them about a new products or service you are thinking about introducing. Your fans are human beings and want to be acknowledged and heard. Ask them their thoughts on those topics that will help both you and your fans grow.

3. Test their Knowledge

It’s great to feel smart and share some of your knowledge with others. Post quizzes that are tied to promotional giveaways. Ask them for their own tips on niche topics to help other fans learn and grown. Start a conversation based on the collective wisdom of your fans and start a conversation.

You don’t have to be a major brand or company in order to implement any of these top 3 tips to engage your Facebook fans. Whether you have 5 fans or 5 million fans, the goal of engagement is the same. Human beings like to be heard and take part of the conversation. The more human you can make your Facebook Fan Page, the more engagement and success you will realize.


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