Google SEO Changes and 4 Long-Term Success Tips

If you know anything about SEO, it is most likely the fact that search engines are in constant flux and change.

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From large algorithm changes to small updates that effect copying content from other websites, changes are always happening and, in the past year, Google has had its fair share of changes.

Please join me on a journey of Google’s year in review and how it may or may not affect your search engine rankings.

Google Farmer – or is it Panda?

The real name is Panda but many bloggers and SEO enthusiasts still refer to it as “Farmer” simply for the fact that this most recent update to the Google search engine algorithm was put in place to stop other websites from harvesting information online and posting it as their original content.

This update goes after low quality websites that use mostly advertising and very little original content.

Google Caffeine

I will admit that the coffee addict in me was very excited about the name of this index change.

The implementation of Caffeine allowed Google the ease of providing more updated content quickly. This was the first major step to social search.

Google Instant

As the name implies, this update was created to help user’s find what they needed by helping the user as they typed in the search field.

Not everyone is an SEO expert so Google stepped in and now holds his or her hand in better, and more relevant, searches.

Website Speed

We want websites that load fast and give us relevant information, right? Google understood so well as to make it a major factor in search engine rankings.

Google likes websites that load as fast as lightening much better than those that make us feel like we are back on the dial-up modems and rewards them as such with higher rankings.

Google’s Own Rankings – The Stock Market

The economy has seen better days and even Google is not immune to market share.

It’s no surprise that Google lost market value and the next 12 months will be a major defining time as Bing gains speed.

Google Speaks Many Languages

The Internet is a global phenomenon and Google understood that well enough to implement multi-language website changes including easy translation.

Social Search

The search engine results page (SERP) has taken on a whole new look and feel over the last year.

There are now local business listings, maps, products, brand management changes, faceted search and let’s not forget the newest +1 button that takes social search to a whole new level.

If it’s posted online, through a business website, social media network, or the countless other avenues, Google search will use it to help them differentiate between high and low quality content.

Google Search Engine Success Tips

Just as life changes, the search engines will change and evolve to keep up with human need. By the time this blog post is published, there may be another algorithm change or social media component added.

No matter what though, there are a number of ways to stay successful no matter what Google changes.

  1. Put the Humans First
    It’s a very simple concept and one that is easily forgotten. That’s why, in my SEO business strategies, I always put the humans first and then the search engines. The Human SEO strategy is a long-term strategy that rises above the search engine changes.
  2. Don’t Worry About What You Can’t Change
    Search engines are always going to have changes and worrying over it is not going to help. Make small changes over a long period of time to increase your ranking and website speed. Create long-term SEO strategies that can weather the changes.
  3. Keep in the Know
    Know what’s going on in your industry and on your own website. Check your Google Analytics to see how your website is performing and stay on top of your specific client’s needs. If you’re not a SEO, then hire an SEO strategist. I know accounting but it neither makes me a professional at it nor changes my frustration with it.
  4. Always Remember Quality Content
    Create a good website that has quality content and customer interaction. Society has moved from push marketing to pull marketing in order to gain success. Have a whole marketing plan that compliments your website and SEO strategies.


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