4 Things to Consider When Writing a Book

Writing a book is a lot like starting a new business. The most successful of books have been researched and planned long before a single word gets written (or typed) on the page.

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Some authors spend years researching or planning before jotting down a single word. Indeed, the best selling authors have realized a simple truth – writing a book is a lot like starting a business. Here are 4 tips that every author should know before writing that next best selling book.

1. What is your book’s purpose?

Businesses have mission statements. Books have a purpose. Knowing the goal of your book will not only help the writing process but also help you sell the book when it is complete. If it is a business book, will it be selling a brand or product? Are you looking to make loads of money, have the book become an extension of your brand or (hopefully) both? What is your end goal?

2. Who is your customer?

To be a successful author, you have to know what solution you are providing to your readers. If you are writing a business book, is your customer the CEO of a major corporation or the engineer? Think about your specific reader and know what they will be taking away from your book.

3. How are you going to execute?

You’ve thought about the end goal of your book and now it’s time to think about how you are going to make it happen. Technology is wonderful and has offered the opportunity to self publish your work. Are you looking for a quick way to publish your book or do you want to work with an established publisher? There are pros and cons to each type of publishing so consider this question well before moving forward.

4. Are you ready for the hard work?

Working on the book doesn’t stop when the book is written. A book is like a business – it is a continuous process. You will need to devote a lot of time and effort after the book is written to help market it to your target customers. Imagine if J.K. Rowling just wrote Harry Potter and walked away? Her success as an author came from devoting a big portion of her life to working on the marketing and press behind the best selling series. Sure, you may not have a theme park based on your book one day but every successful author knows that a book is a part of him or her that never ceases to exist.

Understanding the amount of work that goes into a best selling book will help you to evaluate and prepare for launching your book. If you want to be successful, realize that writing a book is a lot like running a business. The level of time and energy you put in will determine what you get out of it.


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