4 Tips to Google Mobile Searches

Google reported recently that in the last year alone, the number of Google mobile searches has quadrupled.

Google Mobile Search

In fact, Google believes that by 2012, there will be more people connecting to the Internet through mobile devices and smartphones than a computer. The good news is that you can benefit from this trend and here’s how!

1. Calling you should be easy
Never make it difficult for your clients or customers to call you. When customers are using their smartphones, they want to be able to click on your phone number and have their phone call you directly. Display your phone number in an easy to access section of your website or text advertisements. Per Google, research has shown that click-to-call advertisements, such as AdWords Click-to-Call, increase click-through rates by 6-8%.

2. Finding you should be easy
If customers like the option to click on a phone number to call you, then it should be no surprise that they want to the option to click on your address to find you. If you’re a local business, mobile customers are crucial to your business. Often, customers are in your area and want your product or service. Other times, they may be lost while driving to your physical location. Given a recent survey conducted by eMarketer, 58% of all smartphone users have admitted that they use their smartphone to find store locations. Having your local business address easy to find on your website, and listed with Google Places, will help bring those customers to your door.

3. Write advertisements for mobile users
The same eMarkter study (listed above) also illustrated that customers commonly use their smartphones to find discounts, check product availability and compare prices with other local businesses. Think about writing advertisements (Google AdWords) that are especially targeted for your ideal customers who use a smartphone or mobile device. Give them what they want on while they are on the go.

4. Ask the right questions of you and the customer
Think like your ideal customer to be one step ahead in Google mobile searches. Think about what would happen if a person wants to find out more about your business and searches your website on a mobile devices. Will your website load quickly for smartphone users or frustrate them? Test your website and other online business placements on multiple smartphones and mobile devices to better understand what your customer may see – and whether it will help or deter business.

*Source: Meeker, Mary; Morgan Stanley. “Ten Questions Internet Execs Should Ask & Answer.” Business Insider.com, November 16, 2010.


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