How To Build Links to Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

Building links to your website is important, but it can turn into a dangerous SEO strategy if not done correctly. Here are 5 easy white hat SEO tactics to build links Google will love.

How to Get High Quality Backlinks

You may have heard that Google no longer values links. But, my friend, that’s like saying houses should be built without any roads leading to them. How can you have a website if no one can ever get to it?

Gone are the days where he with the most links wins. Google does still value links – but only links that are relevant and built on a trust foundation.

To help, I’ve come up with 5 easy-to-understand SEO link building tips to increase your website’s traffic while increasing your SERs (search engine rankings).

1. Guest Blog Posts

Yes, Google said that they don’t like guest blog posts, but this is not the full truth. Google wants you to create and share content that is relevant and unique – no matter the platform. What Google doesn’t want is you spamming the Internet with frivolous and irrelevant content.

Your Human SEO Tip to Guest Blog Posts: Partner with websites in your target market that mesh well with your products and services. Include one or two links to your relevant content on your website within the content of the blog post. Write the guest post to inform and educate your target market. Do not sell! Build authority and trust.

2. Create Infographics

Graphic content is the easiest for people to digest because human beings are visual creatures. Bloggers and businesses love to share infographics because they are digestible. You will love infographics because, when done correctly, they provide a one-way link back to your website. Cha-ching!

Your Human SEO Tip to Infographics: People have a short attention span so the shorter the infographic, the better. Think of some questions your customers ask you and then use a free graphic creator, such as Canva, to create one. Then just write a blog post about this graphic (on your own blog) and start sharing with the social media world. Of course, make sure to optimize your image for SEO before sharing for better results.

3. Connect on Social Media

Again, we’re back to the roads here. No one can find your house if you don’t let the world know where you live. This is where social media networks come into play. Share your great content on the networks so that others know where it lives.

Your Human SEO Tip to Social Media Link Building: Although links on some social media platforms is short-lived, you are sharing links with people. Make sure to share the FULL URL of where your content lives so that your own domain is linked – and not a URL shortener. Full links on social media also add to the authenticity of the link, increasing click-through.

4. Ask for a Link

There is no shame in asking for a link back to awesome content. This doesn’t mean that you should spam or beg for links – and do no trade links. You want one-way links to your website from other websites with authority.

Your Human SEO Tip to Asking for a Link: Create a short email or social media script that you can easily use over again. If you mentioned someone, tell that person about it. People love when others talk about their products or services – and love to share such links with their large network. However, they may never know (or share it) if you don’t tell them.

5. Grow Your Personal Brand

People want to work with those they know, like, and trust. Growing your personal brand takes time but it creates a relationship with people that would love to link to you or share your content with others. (Check out these awesome people that have creating rocking brands: Chris Brogan, Scott Stratten, and Sally Hogshead.)

Your Human SEO Tip to Grow Your Personal Brand: Reach out to people and ask how you can help them. This does not have to be directly related to a product or service that you offer. Speak at conferences, connect with people that need your help, and provide free content online. The payoff is incredible!

One More Thing…

As with anything, digital marketing success takes time and patience. Use your passion for your products, services, and people to get found, stand out, and get more links online. Let people connect with the human side of your business and, soon enough, others will be building those links for you.


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