5 Keys to Location Based Social Media

Social media isn’t just about what’s on the Internet but how online can drive offline traffic and sales for many brick and mortar businesses.

Location Based Social Media Google Map Marker

Location-based services (LBS) are migrating into our everyday lives and there are five things that many companies should consider when looking to utilize LBS as part of their mobile strategy to make money via location-based online tools and services.

Set Goals Beyond Location

With the inception of iPhone applications, many businesses have started to lead with their service or product offer and not with what’s in it for the customer.

Just because there are location-based services doesn’t mean the advertisements are valuable enough to make people buy or consume.

Use LBS to reach the customer near the point of sale but remember that your advertisement needs to be enticing and speaking to the heart of the consumer in order for them to visit your business.

Just because your business is near then doesn’t automatically push them through the door.

User Adoption “Long Tail” Approach

Although using a service such as Foursquare to generate business can be very profitable, companies are competing for a very small population of the niche target market with other businesses.

Use other online location-based services, such as Whitepages, Yelp and others, in conjunction with the most popular LBS to increase campaign geo-target success.

Mobile Battery Vampires

The more mobile applications on a smartphone, the more the battery is drained.

This is a common occurrence and should be taken into account when implementing a location-based service strategy.

Create a strategy that brings your business to the customer quickly and easily.

The more buried your information, the more robust a LBS, the more confused and frustrated a customer will become. Keep LBS simple.

Location is the Battleground of Mobile OS

Every day more and more companies are diving head first into the mobile platform wars through location sharing and real-time maps.

Developers want to create the most robust application and LBS that ever existed and consumers want all information at their fingertips.

Apple, Google, and others have seen the trend and have begun purchasing more mapping technology to keep up with the demand.

Now is the time for businesses to realize this trend and capitalize on it.

Your Location Pays

A successful business understands the power behind geo-targeting.

It makes no difference if the company is a small mom-and-pop shop on the corner, or an international superstar, consumers still have physical locations.

With the US economy in such disrepair, more and more consumers want to shop local and help their local economy.

Generating business on the physical location of businesses, even small satellite offices, is crucial to success.

One More Thing…

Location-based services and geo-targeting is often one of the most overlooked business strategies.

Capitalizing on the physical location of a business cannot only increase business revenue but also brand recognition.

Location-based services and mobile strategy is a double-edged online strategy that every company should harness.

Do you use location-based services? If so, which ones do you use and what was the outcome?

Photo: http://www.wired.com/2013/03/google-takes-to-streets-against-amazon/


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