5 Top SEO Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools can cost as little as nothing or as much as several hundred dollars.

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Although many small businesses understand the importance of keyword density in their online strategic planning, most don’t have a few hundred dollars set aside for such tools. There’s no need to sacrifice quality SEO due to lack of funds. To help, here are five of the most commonly used keyword density tools that will give you the biggest bang for your buck, for under $100 per month:

  1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool – Free
  2. SEM Rush – $49/month
  3. Wordtracker – $69/month
  4. Keyword Discovery – $69.95/month
  5. SpyFu – $79/month

Please note that, with any online tool, each has its own features and keyword density tools should not be compared by price alone. Find what works best for you, your company and its online goals.


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  • Ashish

    If anyone doing SEO there’s no need specify tool which is been taken at number one but yes other four are quite helpful and looking forward to use it.

    • Shannon Steffen

      Yes, Ashish, these are tools. There should never be guarantees on 1st place ranking. If a “SEO Expert” guarantees this, the business needs to run away fast.

  • Ngocduy234
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  • Mark

    Also Colibritool has a great keyword research tool. As you said – it doesn’t guarantee you first place on ranks but it provides MANY information about your keyword positions, backlinks, conversion measurements.

    • Shannon Steffen

      Colibritool looks like a good tool to measure & improve Inbound Marketing and SEO to get better traffic and conversions. Thank you for mentioning this tool. I will add it to my list of tools to research further.

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