5 Ways to Combat Twitter Overload

With thousands and Twitter friends and follows, it amazing we get any work done these days.

Information Overload Cartoon

Whether you are keeping tabs on your local social media guru or your favorite global news station, too much Twitter is a bad thing.

You may laugh but humans are not meant to multi-task. So, with the entire Twitter information overload, here are 5 ways to help you put on those tweeting mental breaks.

  1. Stop following people who flood your Twitter stream with tweets about the music they are listening to or check-ins to their local bank. Music streams and check-ins have their own social media networks to stay up to date with those people if you wish. Remove anyone that does not add value to your life or work.
  2. There is no urgency behind tweets. If your friend is tweeting directly to you, it is stored in a separate area so you can read it at your leisure. If they really need you, they will call or email you directly.
  3. Sort through the noise with applications such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. Use the built-in filters to only show those areas that are of greatest interest to you.
  4. Set up a tweeting schedule. Many applications, such as Hootsuite, will allow you to set up your tweets to be sent later. This way you don’t have to be logged into Twitter every hour of the day to stay in contact with your friends or followers.
  5. Allow for time with your real life friends and family. Shut that phone off and log out of your computer to spend some quality time with the people you know in real life. It won’t kill you if you don’t check into every venue on Foursquare while out with the kids!


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