Top 7 On-Page Ecommerce SEO Tips You Should Know

If you want to improve the online marketing presence of your eCommerce website or business website, then you need to work on your on-page optimization.

eCommerce SEO

A well optimized website, using on-site SEO best practices, will increase your search engine rankings, improve the user experience, and increase conversion rates.

A few weeks ago, I published a detailed Link Structure tips list that need to be performed in order to increase search engine rankings. In this article, I list 9 important SEO On Page Tips and On Page Marketing Techniques that will help increase your Online Marketing presence if you have an business or eCommerce website. This list will not only help ensure that your website can be read by the search engines, but also will help you to in bringing the right target market to your website in order to increase sales or any other converting factor.

7 Tips for On-Page SEO Business eCommerce Websites

  1. Keyword Research – Highlight how and where people search for your products or services. You may be surprised how they are finding you. Optimize your pages for your targeted keywords through a Keyword Analyzer tool.
  2. Page Titles – Always use unique and actionable page titles. Don’t concentrate too much on keywords in this field; the goal is to grab the attention of your target market to make them want to know more.
  3. Page Descriptions – Each page of your business website should have a unique that not only describes your page’s content but also is compelling. Keep in mind, the Meta Description is that little paragraph of text that displays on the search engine results page (SERP) under the link to your website. Your goal is to make it so compelling that your target market audience wants to know more, thereby, increasing your click-through rate (CTR).
  4. Singular vs. Plural – Use Google Trends to see if your keywords are searched for the singular or plural spelling. There may be a huge difference between the two.
  5. Product and Service Descriptions – Never use the generic manufacturing product or service descriptions as your only on-page text. This will lead to duplicate content problems. Help explain the problem and solutions that your products service.
  6. Content – Your eCommerce business website’s content is king. Make sure your content is fresh, unique, and easily shareable through your customer’s social media networks. Also, optimize your images and files to increase the traffic you receive through Image Search.
  7. Schema – Any eCommerce business website should use to properly label product details and prices. The schema code ensures that your products and services are properly displayed on the SERPs.

Ultimately, it is your on-page content that is going to sell your product or services to your customers. But, if you don’t have proper SEO best practices and strategies in place, no one will ever see your content.

Question: What’s the main problem that you’ve seen with eCommerce websites on-page content? Have you gotten misled from a search engine snippet (from as Google, Yahoo, or Bing) that brought you to an irrelevant eCommerce page?

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