7 Totally Useless SEO Strategies

The rumors are false. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not dead. SEO has just morphed into a new line of strategies and organic white-hat tactics.

Brilliance and Stupidity

The best practices have gotten a bit of a face-lift but the core is still the same. That’s what makes the following 7 SEO strategies completely useless.

  1. Search Engine Submissions. If you’ve hired a SEO company that is charging you to submit your website to 1,000 top search engines, then you need to fire them. First, there are only 3 top search engines and having them index your website is totally free. The search engines have very advanced search engine algorithms (programming) that jump on the new content like a pack of hungry wolves. All you need is a XML Sitemap, which provides the search engines with a table to feed from, and let the spiders do their work.
  2. Keyword Stuffing. This is different than quality keyword density. In the former, you are alienating the meta tags and content to make sure your 99 keywords are found. Search engines have gotten wise to this and now use a number of other parameters to determine the quality (not quantity) of your keywords. Google, Bing and Yahoo! completely ignore the keyword meta tag today.
  3. Reciprocal Links. Link sharing was great in the 90’s and even into the early years of 2000, but reciprocal links are now dead. The search engine algorithms are wise to content farms and low quality links from irrelevant sites. One-way links from relevant (same industry or topic) websites are now golden.
  4. Linked in Footers. If it looks like spam, the search engines are going to feed it to the dogs – not spiders. The lower links are in the overall coding of your website, the less value is placed on them. Quality links are always found in header navigation (not using JavaScript) and footer links can also devalue other links on your website.
  5. URL Blog Comments. Please stop commenting on people’s blogs with your link in the comment box. The search engines have devalued these links and it really ticks off blog owners.
  6. Duplicate Content. I saved this one for last because it is the biggest problem on the Internet. Content scraper and writers have truly abused the copy/paste method of content distribution that the search engines created the Panda algorithm to penalize you. Be original and you can’t go wrong.
  7. Duplicate Content. Wait! Did I just say that? Well, it needs to be repeated. Duplicate content is not only useless but it is harmful. Never make the Panda angry.

Avoid these 7 outdated and time-wasting SEO strategies and you will start to see an increase in your search engine rankings (SERs). There are so many white-hat SEO tactics available to ensure you are climbing the search engine ladder organically and naturally. With white-hat SEO strategies, you not only protect your website so that is can maintain its level of quality but also increase your position as an authority in your given niche.


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