The Benefits of White Hat SEO Tactics for Businesses

There’s been a lot of controversy about black hat verses white hat tactics and what it actually means for search engine optimization (SEO).

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In essence, the black hat tactics are those strategies that try to deceive the search engines and people by spamming the search engines with irrelevant content. The white hat tactics are the authentic and organic online marketing strategies that bring relevant information to the human eyes. Real businesses and brands will capitalize greatly on white hat SEO tactics and here’s why.

1. White Hat SEO Tactics Cost Less Money. It’s takes a lot of time, effort and money to implement black hat tactics as you are always playing a game that you can never walk away from. With white hat SEO tactics, the search engine strategy is put into place for long-term goals. In this regard, this approach is organic and natural which means it connects with other human beings – allowing both the humans and search engines to eagerly pass on the quality content. White hat tactics are strong when put into place and don’t need to be as maintained through monetary costs nor time in order to continue being successful.

2. White Hat SEO Tactics Build Excitement and Relationships. When was the last time you got excited about spam or felt closer to a company that spammed you? Black hat SEO tactics are built on a spam platform whereas white hat SEO tactics are built for long-term quality relationships and increase the consumer’s excitement to be connected to the company.

3. White Hat SEO Tactics are Shared Easily. There are no successful SEO secrets to be shared when implementing black hat SEO tactics. Transparent strategies to improve page rank (PR), networking and branding all help SEO through white hat tactics.

4. White Hat SEO Tactics have Less Risk. Implementing black hat SEO tactics is a tricky business and as soon as the search engine algorithms change or a new compeitor comes along, you’re knocked out of the search engine rankings (SER). Use white hat SEO tactics to build clean and organic rankings and those strategies will rise above the search engine changes.

5. White Hat SEO Tactics Require Less Work. When you’re spamming the search engines, you are always working to stay one step ahead of them. Although white hat SEO tactics may take a little longer, they continue to stay strong long-term which means less work trying to deceive the search engines.

6. White Hat SEO Tactics are Real. When given the option to click on a spammy link or a naturally recommended link, most people will tend to click on the latter. Human beings can tell the difference between spammy and organic content. They don’t like to be deceived or made to feel stupid. Reliable and quality content is king.

7. White Hat SEO Tactics Carry Less Legal Danger. There are the government legal regulations on disclosure of interested and there are the search engine regulations for use of property. Black hat SEO tactics are most often then not in direct violation with such regulations.

8. White Hat SEO Tactics Build Multiple Revenue Streams. I’m sure you’ve heard of the quote about putting all your eggs in one basket and that’s exactly what you do when you implement black hat SEO tactics or strategies. Organic and natural listings, from white hat SEO strategies, increase authentic traffic from multiple channels and allow others to share your content easily. “Word of mouth” has turned into “Word of Web” and how will people become your own personal marketing team and share your quality content with the world? If your content is of quality and organic nature, your customers will turn into your champions and bring tunnel their online friends to your products and services.

There are many more benefits to white hat SEO tactics in both business and personal online success – this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you’d like to discuss further benefits of how white hat SEO tactics can help your online success, please feel free to contact me at Excira Media and let’s talk about how a customized Human SEO strategic plan can help you.


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