9 Tips To Start Getting Your Blog Noticed

Starting a blog is the easy part but getting it noticed often gets overlooked. The old adage of “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t work in the online world.

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To get noticed, you need to know how to get your blog out in front of the world and those that share your passion for the blog niche topic.

Thinking about starting a blog and not sure where to begin? Need help getting an existing blog in front of your readers? Check out these tips to increase your blogging success.

Creating a Blog

  1. Setting Up Your Blog – make sure your blog is installed and programmed correctly. Blog programming errors cannot only make your blog visually unappealing but also impossible to be indexed by search engines, RSS feeds and third party utilities.
  2. Give The Reader Eye Candy – make your blog visually stimulating and match the topic of your blog. If you have an architecture blog, then use an architecture-based theme for your blog instead of a tiled picture of your children playing catch. Speak to the reader through pictures as well as words.
  3. Stick To One Topic or Niche – what’s your blog about? A consistent topic is important to visitors and if they share in your passion, they will return time and again. When writing your blog, write for the reader but be sure to utilize topic-specific keywords throughout your article to increase authority within that subject matter online.

Show There Is A Human Behind the Blog

  1. Speak From Your Passion – readers know when a writer is passionate about the subject matter. The words flow from the heart and are effortless. They captivate the audience and make them crave for more.
  2. Show Your Face – include an “About” page on your blog that has a picture of you and a little information about you, the author. If your blog is about traveling, include a picture of you on your travels. If you build furniture, have a picture of you doing just that.
  3. Connect With The Reader – create a “Contact Us” page and have the form readily available to your readers so that they can reach out to you. Also, keep blog post comments and ratings open to all visitors so they can start a conversation on your blog post and connect with you about your passion.

Sharing a Blog

  1. Socialize Your Blog – let your friends, neighbors, family and the world know about your blog through Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites. If you don’t have time to notify these websites with an update every time you write a new blog post, set up automatic tools to pick up your blog post and submit it to the search engines automatically. Tools such as Feedburner can send an announcement and link to your new blog post to your Twitter friends. There are Facebook applications that can push your new blog post to friends automatically as well.
  2. Let Visitors Share – always include social icons on all blog posts to let your readers share the articles with their own online social networks. Let your readers make your article more viral and help you get the word out.
  3. Search Engine Submission – after the blog is created, search engines need to know it exists. Submit your main blog website address (URL) to the big three search engines to ensure it is indexed properly.

In the end, blogging is broken down into three areas: technological, optimization and social networking. I will elaborate on these topics in future blog posts and provide more tips to become a blogging success but for now know that blogging isn’t as difficult as writers fear. It is simply a matter of putting yourself in your reader’s shoes and making them feel welcome when visiting your own little piece of the online world.


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  • Justin McCullough

    Great primer! I always struggle with focused post on one topic or niche. What would you recommend for acting on inspiration versus the editorial approach where you outline post topics?

    • Shannon Steffen

      Justin – Great question! Always act on inspiration first. It’s the passion of the writer that stimulates the innovation of the reader. When you write an inspirational article, you can then go back and doctor it for SEO or trim it to be more of an editorial piece. Remember though that outlines work well because people love to skim articles because their time is important. Have an inspirational outline and hook them into reading on.

  • Thank you Shannon. Great tips. I appreciate your advice. Thank you.
    Alamelu Vairavan
    Author, Culinary Educator

    • Shannon Steffen

      Alamelu – You are most welcome! Glad I could help!

  • Peter

    Hey! thank you for the helpful tips! I love your writing!

    • Shannon Steffen

      Thank you, Peter! I truly appreciate the feedback!

  • Leslie Pipkins

    very helpful, thank you!

    • Shannon Steffen

      You are most welcome. Glad I could help!

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  • LetsLassotheMoon

    Shannon, I read someone say once that after EVERY post you should submit your link to be indexed. Thoughts?

    • Shannon Steffen

      Zina – The only reason that you would need to submit your link to the search engine is if your blog/website does not have a XML Sitemap. For WordPress blogs/websites, the best solution is XML Sitemaps for Google plug-in that will automate the Sitemap creation and pinging of the search engines when a new post or page is created. Also, make sure to go to Google Webmaster Tools and tell it where you XML Sitemap resides so it is not missed.

      • Sumeet Mittal

        Hi shannon

        Nice insights though I am littile bit confused after read some comments. I need your help into that, how can I create XML sitemaps for google plug-in.

        • Shannon Steffen

          The best way to create a XML Sitemap depends on the platform of your website. Are you using a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or something else? Or, is your website hard-coded?

          • Sumeet Mittal

            Thanx for replying Shannon 🙂
            Frankly speaking I am not so good in technical side because I belong to finance field totally but that’s my interest into e-commerce pulls me into that. I have read about CMS but did not get what exactly it is. I just bought my domain from Godaddy and now planning to build a website. now I am a newbie into it so don’t know from whom I should take hosting services and whose is best CMS platform for making professional content based website. Thanks in advance :).

    • Fabian Defoin

      Hi There, I was reading your comment and the answer is yes. But if you are using wordpress self hosted website, you must have a (all in one seo pack) and (google xml sitemap) installed and enabled in your plugins. That way every time you post..the google robot will come and crawl your site.


  • Mohammed Chang

    Would you classify yourself as FOR or AGAINST shameless public advertisement? 😉


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  • Fabian Defoin

    Hi Shannon, I think you what you mention is pretty straight forward. One thing I don’t like on certain blogs, some put to many videos or affliate links. Tends to confuse the reader.

  • Imtiaz Ahmed Shuvo

    Hi, Shanon. Great tips. Thanks for sharing. I also agree with you that, for a successful blog you have to Speak From Your Passion, Show Your Face & must Connect With The Reader.

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