9 Tips to Inspirational Blogging

Writers block happens to the best of us. We sit down in front of a computer and wait for the creative inspiration to flood our senses once again.

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If only we were able to will the creative writing side to come out upon demand – writing would be so much easier. However, frustration floods out senses when we hit that brick wall and it is even worse if you are blog for a living.

Writing is about passion, so how do we let go of the pressures of writing and allow our passion to flow from our brains to our fingertips? You need inspiration and you need it fast!

Here are 9 creative tricks that have worked for bloggers:

  1. Scope out magazine covers – Looking at other people’s inspiration helps fuel our own creativity. Look at magazine covers in a topic that you are writing or are passionate about. Don’t copy their work but rather let it inspire you to let go of your inhibitions by writing down ideas that come to mind when looking at those magazine covers.
  2. Take in opening sentences of books or articles – The first line and the last line of publications are usually the most powerful. Find a blog, article, magazine or book that peaks your interests and flips through it without thinking. Read.
  3. Read a work of art by your favorite author – Put your writing block aside and just pick up a book that drives your emotions. The topic can be totally unrelated to what you want to write about but once your emotions are open, creativity can flow. Writing is feeling.
  4. Scribble quotes and passages down on paper – Repetition is the mother of invention. Take what someone else wrote and just write it down. You will be surprised how one of more words will jump from the page and grab your attention.
  5. Look through quotations and sayings – Everyone loves good quotes as they stir emotions and passionate feelings. Read some quotes on a topic near to your heart or by your favorite celebrity/author.
  6. Let music drive your writing – Some write with the music on and others with the music off. Take a few minutes and turn yourself away from writing and towards music. Close your eyes and let your mind soar.
  7. Build relationship with your readers – Read comments that have been left on prior blog posts or solicit feedback from your readers. What are they talking about? What are they passionate about? What can you help then with? Use the questions they pose to inspire your next blog post.
  8. Remove distractions – Close that door in your mind and forget about other people’s opinions. Write from the heart first and then write for your readers. You will always have critics on everything you write – but if you write for yourself, the screams of critics turn into whispers and you will build relationships with people who share your true passion.
  9. Find your passion – You can never go wrong in writing when you find something you are passionate about and want to share it with the rest of the world. Passion helps break down the writer’s block and makes it less of a chore to write. When you write from the heart, as well as the mind, you will find less restrictions and your writing will sing like never before.

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  • Great post! The muse is always at arms length!

    Free Writing
    – aka trust yourself –
    That’s what I have found to be my inspiration activator. Even when I’m uninspired, if I open a doc and just start typing whatever – bullets, fragmented ideas, verses, randomness and let my inner writer have the front seat, the muse comes crashing in – almost as if it’s saying “hey, wait, that’s my job, here here take this dose of inspiration instead of just blabbing like this” and just like that, my writing takes on a specific purpose and I’m off to the races without having to spend hours looking for inspiration.

    The only trick to this, is that I have to have already fed my mind good info. When I need to write on a topic not in my area of knowledge, this method does NOT work until I have done research and identified core nuggets of truth that can peculate up in the free writing session.

    Sorry so long! Was inspired to say all that – dang the muse!