About Shannon

Shannon K Steffen Human SEOThe Human:

I wasn’t raised with entrepreneurship in my blood, but I was born with an innate skill for understanding the core of both humans and technology.

My brain is naturally wired at understanding not only human search patterns, but also how the technology behind the search engines serve up results.

Since 1994, I’ve been working with people and businesses to understand exactly how to search online to find exactly what they’re looking for – each and every time – and how businesses can ensure they will be at the top of those searches.

The SEO:

The place where human meets search, and business meet people: the space in which all business and success are considered by asking the right questions:

  • What makes your business different?
  • How can you use your difference to stand out from your competitors?
  • How can your business help others find the solutions they need to make their lives better?
  • Where does your business’ logic and the art of marketing meet?
  • How do happy customers become your brand champions?

The authentic self of business and human with an intense desire to have a strategy that brings forth the core of who they are; logical art.

The Professional:

As CEO and Human SEOtm digital marketing business strategist, I have been responsible for creating cutting-edge, affordable solutions for small to mid-sized companies, including technical eCommerce solutions, search engine optimization (SEO) services and social media brand management.

The Experience:

I not only have a BA in Philosophy, with a concentration on symbolic logic, but I also have a MBA in Technology Management – Global eCommerce.

My over 20 years of experience in technology has allowed me to see the full picture when it comes to brands and has given me the foundation to work with resources a business has to create the success they want.

My life has been blessed working for some of the greatest companies in this world, including Monster.com and Cafepress.com.

I have presented at conferences internationally, own a number of successful e-commerce websites, and I’m currently writing my first book on Human SEOtm.

The Personal:

A native New Yorker and coffee lover currently living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my awesome family, friends and Betta fish named Charlie.

I love to travel around the world and my logical thinking brain often drives my family crazy because it never stops asking: “Why not?”.

The Motto:

“Humans first, then the search engine robots.”