Why Choose Human SEO for Your Project?

Human SEOtm Strategy Works.

Human SEO Venn DiagramI give you long-term online marketing strategies that rise above the search engine changes.

Did you know that SEO could be inexpensive while increasing both your online and offline success beyond your goals?

For the most part, your business runs very well. You attract customers and provide a product or service as promised. What you may not know is that your operation could be leaking profits from some very unexpected areas… your online and offline branding and exposure. It’s a fact that profit comes from one of two places – increased revenue or decreased expenses. Successful businesses rely on sales and marketing to increase profits and industry experts to slash expenses.

But did you know that you could increase your online marketing while decreasing your expenses?

What if there was a way to know for sure that you were maximizing every dollar of your online marketing and business costs to increase revenue and brand recognition? What if there were a SEO strategist that had the specialized expertise to look for ways to lower your marketing costs and increase your efficiencies, and what if the services of such a strategist not only cost less than your current online advertising but that this strategist taught you how to market online for free? You would have to take a look, wouldn’t you?

Maybe SEO seems easy enough, but our experience tells me something different.

Successful savings, with increased sales online, starts with an understanding of how ethical, natural and organic white-hat search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO) and Internet marketing strategists really work. There are unethical black-hat SEO strategists out there today that guarantee you first page Google rankings by switching your services to them. There are firms that act as affiliates for large national services, but when you stop to think about it, is their motivation saving you money and increasing your conversion or just getting your money?

I guarantee long-term ethical, natural and organic white-hat SEO strategies that perform.

Saving my clients money while increasing their online success is my passion and motivation in all that I do. My strategy fee arrangement is tailored to your specific budget and goals. With that mind-set I had to develop a host of ways to save my clients money and help them succeed online by using top-notch techniques with proven success. (A surprising percentage of my clients have been overcharged and duped by self-proclaimed “SEO experts” for years.) I am one of the only true human-based and results-driven SEO strategists in the United States. My experience comes from over 18 years of experience in Information Technology, e-Commerce and web marketing that allows me to analyze every aspect of your online and offline business marketing, branding and presence. All recommendations are tailored to your specific needs without any bias towards technology partners, search engines or third-party vendors. Ask yourself; with this mind-set what would you have to lose by contacting me to learn more?

I have the SEO expertise and the tools.

I have been helping businesses plan and implement Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Internet Marketing strategies since 2004. I have developed proprietary strategies and a global service network along with cutting edge technologies and tools that have helped small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. If you would like to learn more about me or receive a free, no obligation evaluation or your Social Media and Internet Marketing strategies, contact me TODAY.