Wow! Your Bad Content is Scaring the Search Engines!

If you build it, they will come. In the world of SEO, this is the biggest myth out there.

Warning Bad Content Sign

Just because you have a website with some content doesn’t mean you’ll rise to the top of the search engine rankings. If anything, it may be the content on your website that choking the poor search engine spiders; making them run away for more digestible websites.

Yes, your content could be killing your search engine rankings and keeping you from that coveted #1 search engine page rank.

Let’s look at some white-hat Human SEOtm tactics you can implement to roll out the content welcome mat to those search engine spiders.

5 SEO Tips to Better Digital Content

  1. Language – Every brand and approach may be different depending on language, location and culture. Seeing that the search engine love unique, relevant and timeline content, you will need to make your content more unique, relevant and timely for your target locations and languages. Local SEO takes into consideration where the domain is purchased and where the server is located as well. Know your target market.
  2. Quantity – When it comes to SEO, less equals more. Google will penalize websites will a large quantity of links (over 150 per page) and duplicated brand message. Instead of flooding the Internet with loads of links and content, work on content that is robust and meaningful. The search engines love quality over quantity.
  3. External and Internal Linking – It is wise to have both an external and internal linking strategy for your website’s content. Interlinking from one piece of content to another, within the same website, it a great SEO practice. Also, providing external links to further give foundation to the original content’s page is good practice as well. Although there is no cut and dry rule, as with anything, there has to be a balance.
  4. Keywords – Most businesses get hung up on primary and secondary keywords when it comes to increasing search engine rankings and SEO. Back when Google was first born, stuffing keywords throughout a website would easily increase ranking. Today, however, Google, Yahoo, Bing and all of the social media networks are looking for natural keywords and organic keyword density. This helps create consistency in branding and message to potential consumers.
  5. Video – If you didn’t get a chance to read my blog post on Video SEO: Google Trends Now Adds YouTube Data, you should go read it now. Videos are not only great for customer engagement but they are steadily increasing search engine page ranking for brands through viral messaging. With proper key-term markup and social engagement, brands are able to send video content enthusiasts straight back through their marketing funnel. This is one case where going viral is VERY good!

Having content out on the Internet is one thing but having content that is sought after is what leads to success. It is not enough to just build a website. These days you have to build a relationship.

If you aren’t sure how digestible your online content is these days, we’ll be happy to run a full website SEO review and analysis for you to help identify any problem areas that will need a better digital marketing strategy for success.


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