1 E-mail and 6 Telltale Signs of a Bad SEO Company

So many bloggers and critics say that SEO is dead or that there is no such thing as good SEO.

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For 95% of people and companies that claim to be SEO experts, this statement is very accurate.

Want to know how to spot those SEO companies to be feared?

Here are a few tips on how to easily spot a reputable “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert”.

Upon searching my new incoming e-mails for that prized message stating I have $1M waiting for me in an offshore bank, in some third world country that doesn’t even have running water, I couldn’t help by laugh out loud at what I did find.

Email address: ——@gmail.com
Message: “We noticed that you are not at the top of the search engines for a number of your key terms. We have helped companies similar to yours to achieve top organic rankings. Please reply to this message and we will prepare a special proposal for you, to show you how we can achieve similar results for you.”

Yes, I did laugh out loud and it isn’t just because I am in the 5% of the SEO experts that is truly natural and organic in my strategies.

Rather it was the fact that someone out there really believes these cold calling e-mails work.

Breaking down a cold-calling SEO services email

  1. E-mail address is a free gmail account. Reputable companies will always provide their clients with their direct email addresses.
  2. No company name mentioned. Who are these people? They know my company so well but aren’t willing to share the name of their company.
  3. Message is not personalized. There is no mention of my website by name or URL. Also, my name is all over my website and yet my name was not used in the message body.
  4. Lack of “key terms” information. There is no way to know what my keyword term goals are unless you work for my company. If a company knows what your key terms are (maybe they are mentioned in your meta keywords), then they should provide some examples.
  5. References please. The author of this e-mail loves to tell you that they have helped other companies but give no reference to company names. Understandably, there may be confidentiality restrictions but they can at least tell you what industry or company types (non-profit, small business, bloggers, etc.) they have helped become successful.
  6. Unsigned e-mail. There is no signature in the e-mail giving further contact information other than a gmail address. Companies that are experts in their field have nothing to hide and always welcome you to learn more about their company.

Those of us that are within that 5% of the reputable and responsible SEOs will always provide our real email address, company name, specific information on your business/website, our specialty and full contact information.

True SEO experts believe in building relationships and need to get to know you and your business before creating a proposal or strategic plan.

Each company has different goals, available time and personalities that need to be well understood in order to create a strategic plan to bring that company to the eyes of their customers online.

Lastly, the true SEO experts don’t believe in cold calling (or cold e-mailing).

We build authority both online and offline so that our clients feel comfortable with our company and business practices.

It’s about the company that we are serving and not about how many responses we can get to blindly spammed e-mails.

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