Bing Partners with KAYAK Travel Search Leader

Bing announced today that it has teamed up with their new technology partner, KAYAK, to provide a more “comprehensive travel search experience”.

Bing Travel Logo

In the next few weeks, KAYAK will be helping Bing in producing better flight search results throughout the U.S. from multiple airports, airlines and cities. This will give current customers better opportunities to review full sets of flight itineraries while researching and booking travel through Bing Travel.

It is not surprise that Bing would build such partnerships as their goal is to create an innovative but precise search engine experience. Bing has taken search engines to a new level with their more visual approach to search while simplifying the process for their customers in areas such as shopping, travel, health and local businesses.

So what does this mean for you? It means that the Bing Travel section of their website is becoming more human-based, powerful and comprehensive when it comes to meeting the needs of travelers.

We, at Excira Media, are excited about this change as Bing continues to incorporate a more human understanding to its search engine algorithms. As search engines become more intuitive, our core belief in the power of Human SEOtm becomes more important than ever. This change will further help our past, present and future clients in increasing online ROI – through natural, organic and white hat search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and practices.


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