Win Free SEO Coaching or Audit at BlogHer ‘12

Tomorrow I head off to BlogHer ’12 in New York Cityand words cannot even convey the excitement I feel in being one of the attendees of this conference.

Free SEO Help

It is a 2-day, 3-night event in the heart of America – which also happens to be my home state – that is bringing together over 4,000 attendees (mostly women) from around the world to learn, network and have fun.

No, my friends, this is one of the few conferences I’m not speaking at this year (although, I wouldn’t say no if asked in the future) but I’m excited to attend nonetheless. There are so many reasons (read earlier post) but the main one is because I want to teach others about Human SEOtm and give the creative minds back their control online.

There is no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on SEO “experts” when there is so much you can do, today, to increase your own search engine rankings.

To make this event even more fun for me, I’ve decided to hold a little giveaway to help others.

If you’ve seen my tweets, then you’ve probably noticed my new purse that I’ve purchased specially for the BlogHer ’12 event in New York City. It’s bright, energetic and inside it has a ton of storage for my iPad, iPhone, Verizon 4G JetPack MiFi, a notebook, water bottle and more. No, I’m not selling you purses. My purse is so bright and colorful that it is going to stand out in a crowd.

That’s why I want you to FIND ME!

Excira Orange Purse

How to Win a Free SEO Consultation or SEO Audit

Each morning, I’m going to tweet a picture of my bright orange purse with another object next to it. All you have to do is find me that same day and tell me what was in the picture with my purse.

Seriously, it’s THAT simple!

I’ll be posting the picture under my Twitter account (@ShannonKSteffen) with the hashtag of #BlogHer12. Be one of the first three (3) people to find me that same day and correctly tell me what is in the picture and you win!

Here’s what you win:

Friday, August 3rd

  • 1st Person: 1-hour SEO Phone Consultation & SEO Audit ($700 value)
  • 2nd Person: SEO Audit ($360 value)
  • 3rd Person: SEO Audit ($360 value)

Saturday, August 4th

  • 1st Person: 1-hour SEO Phone Consultation & SEO Audit ($700 value)
  • 2nd Person: SEO Audit ($360 value)
  • 3rd Person: SEO Audit ($360 value)

The Contest Rules

  • This contest is only open to those residing in the continental USA or Canada.
  • Only 1 win per attendee per event.
  • Since I’ll be visiting booths during the event – Sponsored booths are ineligible for this contest.
  • You must already have an existing blog or website.
  • Prizes will be honored after BlogHer ’12 event has concluded.
    (I’m not working during the event. Sorry.)

Why Am I Doing This Contest?

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t getting anything out of this contest. I’m an honest woman so this is why I’m giving my services away for free:

  1. I’m a newbie to the conference and this is a great way to meet other attendees.
  2. I want to educate others as to ethical and white-hat Human SEOtm strategies so so-called “experts” do not dupe them.
  3. I’m here to help. I seriously love helping others succeed. I’m successful when my network is successful.

So, come and find me during the event. Just watch for my morning tweet (with picture), find me and correctly tell me what was in the picture with my bright orange bling bag.

And, don’t worry if you don’t win. I’m bringing a great deal of SEO tip cards to hand out. Find me and you’ll be one step closer to higher search engine rankings!

You got this!


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