7 Ways to Build Community on Your Website

Long gone are the days where a static 1-page website would bring in visitors and potential customers.

Building Community

The Internet is all about building relationships and communicating today and both businesses and individuals need to capitalize on that connection to grow subscribers, visitors, business and return on investment (ROI).

Seven ways to maintain and grow your community online through your website include:

  1. Opening Control – allow people to talk and communicate with you, your company or with each other.
  2. Allow Criticism – openly welcome dialogs and constructive criticism through website ratings and comments.
  3. Pay Attention – don’t ignore complaints or feedback. Respond to every negative comment with compassion and let the person know their voice is not only heard but also respected.
  4. Welcome Newbies – help new visitors experience your website and all it has to offer through FAQs and new member community portals.
  5. Listen To Your Community – when feedback is offered, write it down and take it to heart. Your customers know what they want more than you do.
  6. Encourage Member Communication – provide intercommunication tools such as the availability to connect to other members through profile or private messaging without violating personal information privacy.
  7. Let The Community Contact You – provide an easy way to contact you or your company through easily accessible posted email addresses/mail forms, snail mail or phone numbers.

People want to be heard and build a bond with others that have the same interests or experiences in life. Allowing them the community and communication tools on your website lets your visitors know that they are important to you and your company. Stretch out an olive branch to your visitors and they will come back to your website for more.


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