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What is your first thought when someone mentions search engine optimization (SEO)?

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Like most professionals and website owners, you know you need SEO but you either don’t know much about it or even how much it should cost. There’s so much confusion about SEO professionals that it’s difficult to figure out which company will truly help you realize your goals. With all the confusion, most people let their budgets do the deciding when it comes to hiring a professional SEO company. However, cheaper is most definitely not better.

The Real SEO Data

Around 95% of all SEO professionals are people that fall into one of the following categories:

  1. They lost their job and SEO seems easy enough to break into and make money.
  2. They are a website developer or designer and figure throwing into a few keywords isn’t that difficult.
  3. They realize that most people don’t know what SEO is so they can pull out a few keywords and tell their customers to stuff their content.
  4. They play the black hat SEO game to get higher page rankings for short-term results.
  5. They are college students or work for another company and sell their SEO services to make an extra buck.

Luckily for my customers, I am of the 5% of SEO professionals who eats, sleeps and eats search engine algorithms, analytics, online marketing, e-commerce trends, and human purchasing power. I have over 15 years of experience in Information Technology (IT), a graduate degree in technology management global e-commerce and study every book, blog and analysis on SEO and business success. A majority of my clients are those that have come to me after paying someone in the other 95% to perform SEO magic for them. Those clients saw the cheap SEO packages and pricing and, letting their budgets do the talking, they signed up right away looking for results that never came.

The Real SEO Story

One such instance is a recent marketing firm that called on me last week. He explained that his customers were on a limited budget and he decided to hire “some guy that works on the SEO stuff when he’s not working his daytime job”. Of course, the clients were paying this man around $500 a month and saw a huge drop in traffic and conversion – but continued to pay him every month because he was cheap. Needless to say, the marketing firm is now partnering with me for their entire current and future client SEO needs.

The Real SEO Truth

As I tell all potential clients upon our first meeting – even if you don’t go with my SEO professional services, please keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If the price seems to be too good to be true or the consultant promises you first page rankings, you should run (not walk) to the nearest exit. Do your research and learn the questions you should ask every SEO consultant. Realize that a quality SEO strategist may be more expensive upfront but they are providing you with a plan for long-term results. With a solid quality SEO plan, you will be saving money in the long run.

Don’t be fooled by cheap SEO plans and pricing. If you want success, aim for quality of service over quantity of price.


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