Homemade Chicken Soup and Business Cards

It’s alright if your don’t use business cards but, if you do, realize that business cards are like chicken soup.

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Each has a number of ingredients that can either make or break the end product. Just this week I had the honor of creating my grandmother’s homemade chicken noodle soup. I also had the pleasure of creating new business cards for my company.

Here’s how we can learn to create a quality business card by understanding how to make quality homemade chicken noodle soup.


In order to make either chicken noodle soup or to create business cards, a person needs to start with quality ingredients.

Using dated, old, poor ingredients says something about a person’s belief in their end product.

Just grabbing any old ingredient off the shelf will not do.

For business cards, a business professional needs to choose quality card stock, quality printers and quality graphic designers. Your business card is an extension of you, your brand and the products and services that your company provides consumers.


If you don’t know how to make homemade chicken noodle soup, you shouldn’t make it.

If you don’t know how to make a quality business card while understanding your customer, you shouldn’t create it.

Knowledge of the intended recipient permits the business owner a range of creativity. Also, sharing the knowledge of your skills and expertise with your consumers is critical.

Never, ever make your customers think or second-guess your products or services. They should know who, what, when, where, and how your company is going to provide a “have to have” service or product need satisfied.


Your business card, just as your homemade chicken noodle soup, is an extension of who you are.

Quality food and quality business both contain a level of personality unlike other foods or businesses. This can be showing your professional picture on your business card or a graphic design that you created – but it has to be something that differentiates you from other companies in your industry.

Potential clients want to get to know you, who you are, and what your company stands for. Without these qualities they will never taste your homemade chicken noodle soup. If it looks ugly, would you take a bite?

Whether you choose to allow your creative side to flare or you believe that your logo is quality enough to bridge the gap with your customers, 90% of new customers are found through networking and relationship building.

When you hand your business card to a potential client, they need to be attracted to that business card – it must fascinate them. This fascination creates a level of wanting to get to know more about you and your company.

Flashy business cards of irregular shapes and sizes don’t allow for portability or ease of storage. Neither do business cards with tough-to-read text and not enough white space.

Don’t make your customers think. A business card is a business card just like chicken noodle soup is chicken noodle soup.

When you start playing with major ingredients it is no longer chicken noodle soup. Add to the foundation of your recipe for a brilliant business card but don’t change the stock for you may just lose the quality of your brand.


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