Explaining SEO Within a Company

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) is important not only for a company’s search marketing team but also for each person within an organization.

Explaining SEO in Business

This blog post helps to explain to the concept of SEO and its impact on a team or company based upon the function of that person within the business. Hopefully, this will help many of you explain to your upper management why SEO is important in expressions that they understand.

Here’s how to explain the importance of SEO:

  • CEO – SEO gives a competitive benefit in attracting visitors and customers. While it requires a preliminary drive of effort, and continuing resource, the effort will demonstrate increased ROI, they’ll be provided with standard figures about the revenue generated by SEO efforts.
  • CTO – There is a huge technological facet to optimizing a website for search engines – plenty of information is accessible but there is work to be done in adapting this best-practice recommendation to the organization’s unique needs. However, it’s not a completely mechanical method, and much of the ongoing work will be completed ‘off-site’, by those in the advertising / promotions teams.
  • Web Designer – Designing websites that will stick to SEO principles need not be a sizable restriction. There’s a considerable overlap between designing human-friendly and SEO-friendly sites, and many of the best-designed & stylish sites follow the proper guidelines.
  • Web Developer – By following relatively clear-cut practices when writing code, developers have a fundamental position in creating pages that can be simply read and understood by search engines. They’ll see the influence of their work very visibly, as pages
  • Sales Manager – Data can be used from the website and knowledge from the SEO community to target phrases which will generate visits & inquiries from the online population most likely to translate into a sale. Their opinion about new inquiries and leads, combined with analytics data, will assist in tailoring the products/services and marketing messages to maximize sales revenue.
  • Marketing Manager – Highly ethical SEO can be undertaken by following all the marketing best practices. Giving a constructive encounter before and after purchase, creating and fostering conversations around the brand and getting exposure on trusted websites, can all give to improved search engine rankings.
  • Content Editor – As well as being adept to attract more visitors to your content, we can use SEO insights to help produce ideas for innovative an successful website content. We can create guidelines for your writers to facilitate their content be more successful in search engines, and we can offer statistics that demonstrate how successful diverse pieces of content or different writers have been, to help motivate them to generate more great content.

In addition, you should consider giving back to every team member. There will be some metric, data or graphs that will validate to them the ongoing result they are having on the project, how it has benefited the business as a whole, and how their position has benefited from SEO success. Inspiring people in this way leads to their continuing dedication, and a profitable organization full of motivated, contented people.

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