Dropping Design and User Experience from SEO Plan Kills Your Success

You know what’s missing from most website’s SEO plans? It’s simple. Most of the time, it’s the design and user experience that take a backseat to search engine optimization (SEO) strategic plans.

User Experience Design

Businesses and bloggers care more about getting people to their websites, but, without design and user experience, your website will never be successful.

Would you bring your target market or customer to a dilapidated house that’s infested with all types of vermin? Well then, why are you leading them to a website that is failing miserably at engagement and conversion people?

You think if you build it, they will come? Well, friends, not if it looks like junk and frustrates people!

Building User Experience Design into SEO

It’s not too late though! I’m here to give you 9 Tips to Design & User Experience that will rock your SEO strategy!

1) Call to Actions
Every website should have a clear and strategically placed call to action on every page.

2) Professional Design
A compelling and user friendly design makes your business stand above the competitors.

3)Security Badges
When your website’s authenticity is under question, include “badges”, such as VeriSign, American Marketing Association, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau, to gain the trust of your website’s visitors.

4) Never Confuse People
Ever heard the phrase: “Less is more”? Well, don’t confuse your visitors with a billion options. Choose 3 that stand out and those should be your calls to action.

5) Give Visitors Cool Features
Visitors love it when you make his or her life easier. Let them add things to a wish list, send email alerts and subscribe to newsletters. Making life easier for people will help increase conversion rates.

6) Highlight the Best Sellers
Use images and video of your best selling products and services to captivate your visitors.

7) Cross Browser & Mobile Friendly
Your website should be accessible and responsive across multiple platforms and multiple devices. Never frustrate potential customers with technology issues.

8) Simple Check-Out Processes
Conversion rates increase when you keep the check-out and payment process simple.

9) Reduce the Loading Time
Never make your website visitors wait for your page to load. Minimize the size of your files and use caching mechanisms to help your website load quickly.

Question: What design or user experience tip would you add to captivate a website’s visitor?

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