E-commerce SEO: Website Structure and Architecture

Great! You’ve built an awesome e-commerce website that’s sure to rock the online web space. But, will people find it?

Ecommerce SEO Checklist

It’s one thing to build an e-commerce website but it’s another thing, entirely, to not only get it found online but also for it to bring in money. If you’re e-commerce website lacks in SEO URL structure and architecture, you’ve just built an e-commerce website that will reside in the black hole known as the Internet. Never fear! Here are 7 Pre-Development and Post-Development E-commerce Best URL Structure for SEO and Architecture Tips for those of you currently building your new retail website and for those of you who already took the leap into the unknown.

Your E-commerce SEO Website Structure and Architecture Checklist

  1. Choose the e-commerce platform that you will use carefully. Verify that it is regularly updated, has numerous plugins, has active community support, and that it is SEO friendly. Never select an e-commerce platform based solely on the cost.
  2. Always avoid using Flash and any other non-SEO friendly languages for the important parts of your page. Sure, the platform must be user friendly but, without being search engine friendly, your customers won’t find you.
  3. During development, verify that the session IDs do not appear in URLs. Having session IDs in the URL can create a duplicate content issues.
  4. Keep in mind pagination and the order of your products each page. Verify that your most important, best selling, and popular products appear first.
  5. Create a product RSS feed of all your products. RSS readers are used widely on mobile devices.
  6. Offer to your potential customers the ability to search any particular product based on its name, brand, price and qualities.
  7. Always create HTML & XML sitemaps and submit them to the various search engines. Make sure to follow best practices when creating these files.

Building an e-commerce website is an advantageous undertaking but, when done correctly, the revenue it will create will be worth all the effort. Get it right the first time. Make your retail website Stand Out to both potential customers and the search engines for long-term online success.

Question: Which tip was new to you? If you already knew of these SEO best practices, what would you add to the checklist?

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