Easy Business Online Forms Creation

Every web site owner wants to include forms on their website to allow their visitors to contact them, obtain a client quote requests or to survey their customers.

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Creating a web form though can be time consuming and unless you are a web developer or programmer, most businesses and bloggers wouldn’t even know where to start. Lucky for us, there are 4 Perfect Web Form Creation websites that will create terrific and professional looking web site forms to use on our very own homepages.

WuFoo – Wufoo is the perfect web-based form generator with a very easy to use design interface. The forms are highly customizable by simply dragging fields to where you want them and entering some basic information. The forms you create are housed on Wufoo server and you embed the form code into your own website or blog. The best part of all is that the data is all kept on the WuFoo web site and can easily be viewed or pulled into reports for tracking purposes.

Google Docs – For those that already use Gmail, Google Calendar, and other Google Applications for your business or organization, the forms functionality of Google Docs may be what you are looking for.
The Google Docs form generator is pretty basic, but the simple user interface and integration with existing Google accounts make Google Docs useful for internal company surveys or even the event communications.

Formsite – This form builder has a few more complex features that not every company may need in a web form, but some users may find particularly beneficial, such as the payment addition for credit cards, Google Checkout and PayPal. Formsite also offers multi-page and specialized surveys that allow the creator to control the course of questions based on definite rules and user responses.

Icebrrg – Another web form builder that has nearly indistinguishable features as Wufoo, and comparable price points for paid accounts. The user can host their own files or join together the forms easily onto the business website to get notifications when they are filled. A good attribute is that embedded forms are provided in HTML format, and will abide by the CSS styles of the parent web site to create a seamless look and feel automatically.


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