Facebook “Likes” Do Affect Your Google Ranking

Believe it or not, SEO goes well above and beyond the search page and keyword density. You may have great website keyword density and on-page search engine optimization (SEO) but how social is your content?

SEO Facebook Strategies

Can your visitors share or “like” an article or product that you post? Do you make it easy for others to share your products, services or content? If you don’t, you are missing the SEO boat big time.

I just came across a SEO article from back in March 2011, from another search engine website, that claimed that Facebook “likes” will not influence your Google search engine rankings (SER). Sure, I’ll give them that statement from earlier this year but times have changed and social search is more influential then ever.

When you share content through the Facebook “Like” button, you are telling the search engines that you prefer this content and want your network to know about it. For Google, it is similar to putting a “verified” stamp on the link and acting as its champion. To like it is to tell Google that it should pay more attention to it and share it with your network.

Let’s take an example from my own computer. If I search for “Social Media Milwaukee”, my top search results include an entry by my friend Phil Gerbyshak.

Phil Gerbyshak Twitter Stats

Phil liked his own website and Google knows that I’m connected with Phil through Facebook. Therefore, Google brought his recommended link to #1 of search engine results – even though this link came up as #7 when I run an algorithm to get his real search engine results for that term and domain.

Connections matter. Facebook “Likes” matter.

With that said, yes Virginia, Facebook “likes” do have influence on your Google page rank. The proof is in the SEO pudding.


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