My Twitter FollowFriday is @Teavana (Video)

It’s Follow Friday on Twitter! Although some may put as many names as they can fit into a 140-character tweet and others choose one name with a little bit of information, I realize that…

Follow Friday Twitter Image

a 140-character limit is definitely not enough to tell my followers exactly why they should follow someone. That’s what a video recommendation is for!

Before we get onto the first installment of my Video Twitter #FollowFriday project, some may be wondering what #FollowFriday (or #FF) is and why it is useful.

What is Twitter’s #FollowFriday?

Follow Friday is: A weekly event hosted at the social networking site Twitter. It’s where you can recommend your followers to follow more people.
(Urban Dictionary)

An example of a poor Follow Friday tweet

shansteffen: It’s #FollowFriday! Here are some of my awesome friends @raffel, @philgerb, @kellyolexa, @ajbombers…

This example is absolutely no help to anyone, as it doesn’t tell you why you should follow those people and what you can expect to receive from them. Instead, some will take it a step further to add quality to the tweet.

An example of a good Follow Friday tweet

shansteffen: It’s #FollowFriday! Follow @katiefelten for social media passion, entreprenuership and LinkedIn tips & tricks.

This is a great tweet and tells me exactly why I should follow that person. If I don’t agree with why I should follow, I don’t. However, if I do agree and follow this person, I will be keeping an eye on the person that recommended them for future great follows. This builds credibility for both the person recommending and the person who is recommended.

Given the fact that I have yet to master 140-character speech, I woke up one morning with this idea of a video #FollowFriday. I don’t recommend people or companies lightly but I wanted to truly convey my passion for my specific recommendations. 140-characters is just not enough for me. I need to truly engage in social media!

So, without further gabbing, here’s my first Twitter #FollowFriday video recommendation! I hope you enjoy this one and all the ones to follow every Friday from this point forward!

Update: Teavana sent me a tweet to thank me for the video and told me that Teavana is pronounced TEE-VAH-NAH. Yes, I do know that already, but try as I may, my Lawn Gisland (Long Island) accent keeps popping out and refuses to let me say the name correctly. *laugh* Sorry TEE-VAH-NAH!


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