Foursquare Search Introduces Autocomplete Functionality

This week Foursquare joined the ranks of the search world with its own search field autocomplete functionality.

Foursquare Autocomplete Search Engine Image

The search box change was implemented to make searching faster for those visiting their website – to help share quality locations that meet their needs. Just as you’ll find on Google or Facebook, this search functionality helps not only people that use Foursquare’s website but also changes search engine optimization (SEO) for businesses listed.

The autocomplete functionality returns search results from your listed friends and nearby venues. Search results are narrowed by type and speed up the time it takes users to find that particular business based upon common phrases so users don’t need to memorize the Foursquare categories list to find what they are looking for. It is for this reason that businesses need to verify their name, location, categories and tags to ensure that they can be easily found with this new search algorithm.

Also included is the updated friend finder. Common names have always been a problem but now Foursquare has made it easier. If you have hundreds of friends, just type their name in the search field and Foursquare will give you relevant results based on your friends list.

Although Foursquare website usage is much lower than those that use third-party applications, the introduction of an autocomplete functionality is a great step in the right direction to make searching easier for all users.


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