Human SEO: The Future of the Google Search Engine

The search engines have always been about answering people’s questions quickly.

Google Penguin Ahead

But, as you know, what people say in a conversation and what they type on their devices are totally two different types of communication. We don’t speak in keywords and the search engines are finally paying attention with Google “building the search engine of the future”.

Society has gone from word of mouth to word of web, and now to word of mouth on the web.

Google Loves Human SEOtm

Google has been hard at work to make their search engine understand and answer your questions like people do. Soon you will be able to just ask a question of Google, hands-free, and get the answer spoken to you. However, it doesn’t stop there.

You will soon be able to continue the conversation with further questions.

For example, you can ask Google, out-loud, if it will be sunny in Long Beach, New York this weekend. Google will then answer you, out-loud, what the weather will be like; allowing you to ask a follow-up question about how far it is from New York City.

Google also claims that, with better answers, there will be improvements to their Knowledge Graph. This update will allow the search engine to even answer your follow-up question before you even ask it.

How Will the Future Google Search Affect SEO?

With all the changes coming to Google, any website owner, businessperson or blogger may wonder what the future changes will have on search engine optimization (SEO).

Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to SEO success. Nevertheless, by following solid foundational SEO Best Practices, ensuring that you continue with white-hat ethical SEO strategies, and that your content remains fresh and relevant, your website will have the best chances for continued success. Follow the path of White Hat Human SEOtm and you will be well on your way to better online success – regardless of the search engine changes.

Question: What do you see for the future of Google Search?

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