Let’s Talk Geo Targeting Social Media Success

With over 2 billion Internet users worldwide, it’s difficult for any person, business or blogger to have their voice heard.

Geo-targeting for Social Media Success

You are, in essence, competing with the world to gain attention of your target market. How can you stand out when there are so many voices virtually speaking over each other? Easy – it’s called social media geo targeting.

What is Geo Targeting?

Geo targeting is the ability to target users by geography such as city, state, country and zip code. Normally, geo targeting is a widely used practice used by search engine optimization (SEO) consultants but given the increase in social media usage, just over the last year alone, geo targeting is now becoming a valuable resource of anyone who tweets, updates their status or social media networks.

For example, if you are a business just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin – looking to increase your networking and branding – you would employ a strategy to gain a presence in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area through social media. Let’s say you take the first step and change your Twitter location to Milwaukee. Well, Milwaukee is great but how about Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA? By including a major geographic area as well as the full name of the state and country, you have now linked your social media account to three geographic locations – not just one.

Geo Targeting and SEO

From a SEO perspective, your name, profile (including your bio with your services) and social media content is linked to a specific geographic location. If you are a web developer, you are now more likely to come up if your target market searches for “milwaukee wi web developer” or even “usa web developer” then before.

Think about all the other social media networks you belong. Each one will usually list a location in your profile that you can easily enter geo targeting information.

The key is to pick the nearest largely populated geographic location and target that market segment in your profile information as well as your social media sharing (links, tweets, status updates, etc.) so that you are part of the larger market.

Ultimately, social media networks feed the search engines and bring your content or services in front of your target audience. The first step is letting them know you are out there through geo targeting.


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