Getting Started: SEO 101 for Businesses

If you have a business or company website, you definitely want it to be easy to find by your online target market.

Beginners SEO for Business

Search engine optimization (SEO), will help your business’s online success by improving the visibility of your website in the search engines. Here are some great optimization tips to get you started to Stand Out and Get Results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

  1. Optimize Your Business Website’s Content – The search engines love to provide searchers with high-quality content. Your business website’s content should be relevant, unique, and concise. Think like your target market and use keywords that people would search for online.
  2. Improve Your Business Website’s Coding (HTML) – It’s one thing to get the search engine spiders to your website but it’s another thing for them to properly index your website. Ensure that the SEO on your business website contains all the proper HTML tags so that the search engine crawlers understand each page. Every page should have relevant title, description, and alternative text that concisely describe that web page’s content.
  3. Share Your Business Website with the Public – Although Google, Yahoo!, and Bing (and other search engines) learn a lot about your company from your website, they also pay attention to the other websites to learn even more about your website. Share your website with relevant public websites; such as online communities, forums, business listings, etc. One-way relevant links add weight to your business website.

Implementing all of this could be an overwhelming task. When businesses do not have internal SEO specialists, they should look outside to hire white-hat and ethical search engine optimizers.

Remember that, just like hiring anyone else for your business needs, you complete your due diligence.

To help, here’s 32 SEO Questions and Answers to make sure you are bringing in a SEO Consultant and Strategist that is a great fit and adheres to SEO Best Practices.

Question: What’s the greatest SEO hurdle for your small business?


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