Why Even Google Thinks Google+ Was a Bad Idea

When Google+ launched, it had set out to help people discover, share, and connect across Google like they do in real life. That’s what they said and here is where they failed.

Google Plus Headquarters

Google announced that they are going to make some important changes to Google+.

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Using Google without a Google+ profile.

Although human beings love the idea of having one login for all their accounts online, they don’t like being forced to use Google+ as their main identity.

In the future, one Google Account is all that you will need to share content, create a YouTube channel, communicate with your contacts, and more. The first product change will come from YouTube and you can learn more about the change on the YouTube blog.

The difference is that your main Google Account will not be searchable and no one will be able to follow it; as they do with Google+ accounts. Per Google, this will allow for a more seamless and open communication style on their platform.

2. Google is focused on a better Google+ experience.

Google loves human engagement around niches and interests across the Internet. That is why they are focusing their efforts on new features such as Google+ Collections. Here you can share and engage around posts that are organized by topics you enjoy.

Other areas of improvement will be seen in Google+ Photos (Google Photos app) and location sharing on Google Hangouts.

The ultimate goal is to create “a more focused, more useful, more engaging Google+”.

What do you think about Google+? Does it still have a heartbeat or should they just let it die?

Image courtesy of Future Tense.


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