Why Google+ Is Not The Holy Grail Of SEO

Social influence is rapidly becoming a bigger priority in search engine optimization (SEO).

Social Media SEO Water Drop

Every day, more and more potential customers are using Google to research their purchases before even visiting a website or walking into a store.

With the advent of Authorship and AuthorRank, Google seems to have become the holy grail of SEO. But, is Google+ really the highest priority when it comes to SEO? Read on; you may be surprised.

Social Influence and Google PageRank

Yes, what you do and post on social media networks does have a great deal of influence over your search engine rankings (SERs).

With each new algorithm change, Google has reached out to online communities and sharing behaviors to help it understand what searchers may be looking for online. This “human” aspect to their search algorithms helps Google to determine if content is relevant, unique, and timely so that it’s search results are more in-line with human needs.

It is the Human SEOtm that helps to determine ranking on the search engine results page (SERP).

Google+ and SEO Ranking

Again, it is true that Google’s own Authorship and AuthorRank elements do help increase a website’s page rank. This is because the author of the content not only has linked his or her Google+ profile with their website but also has a great deal of social influence through other social media networks.

If Google can easily tell a connection between people, it will bump that person’s content higher on the search-ranking page. So, if you and I are linked on Facebook, and you happened to use Google search to find content on SEO Link Building, chances are that my article would be one of the top results.

Is Google+ the Holy Grail to SEO?

This is where I’m going to throw a monkey wrench into the SEO strategies of many businesses and bloggers out there.

Google+ is NOT the Holy Grail of SEO and here’s why.

Although the Google entity is quite large and Google+ does have a great deal of influence, it is only a drop in the bucket online. If you are not using Google for your search engine, then the link between Google+ and search results are cloudy. Google can easily see what exists on its other platforms but, once you leave the world of Google, there is no more direct connection.

Now, you’re probably thinking that everyone uses Google or, at least, Google’s search engine algorithm. That is not true.

According to Wikipedia, there are over 126 search engines around the globe – and that’s not even counting the search engine algorithms specially created for social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That’s a lot of non-Google related search engines that may or may not know there is a connection between your Google+ profile and the content you’ve created.

(Want a real-life example? Our highest traffic comes from StumbleUpon – not Google.)

As with anything, you should not put all your eggs in one basket. With so many search engines and website rank influencers out there, the best use of your time is in creating quality content that is unique, relevant, and timely that is on a search engine friendly platform. That’s the Holy Grail.

Question: What’s your 1 tip to creating content that is search engine friendly? Comment below.


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