Google’s Penguin Scares SEOs White

Black hat search engine optimization (SEO) gurus have been ignoring all the signs and are now reaping what they sow.

Google Penguin Update

Google is refusing to play with them anymore. The crackdown has begun on all those not willing to play by the search engine’s rules. The result? Websites using black hat tactics were incinerated by the thousands.

What are Black Hat SEOs?

The “black hats” are those that have decided to break all the rules. They try to scam their way into higher search engine rankings. These smug little devils could easily deploy unethical and unnatural SEO tactics to increase their page rank above those websites with relevant and unique content.

It doesn’t really matter how or why website owners did it. What matters is that, with Google’s newest Penguin algorithm change, thousands of websites fell from first page ranking to page 100 – ideally kicking former top-ranking websites out of the Google kingdom.

Can these websites reclaim their seat at the top of the search engine rankings? Probably not. And, most likely, most won’t want to do the work require to dig themselves out of page 100.

The thing is, there is no shortcut or magic wand to sweep them back to the top of the search engine. Overnight success does not exist. You must do the work and follow the SEO rules.

What You Can Do to to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

This change leaves most website owners wondering if they are at risk of losing their SEO rankings.

If you knowingly dabble in the SEO black arts, ultimately you are hurting your search engine rankings.

However, if you are like the millions of others that have worked hard to build your website standing (through ethical and organic SEO), then you should be safe from the newest Google algorithm update.

Additionally, remember to cut out website spam and create a good link building strategy. Not to mention that creation of unique content that others want to not only read but also share will also increase rankings.

The “Different” Advantage

Remember, there is no magic wand and there’s no such thing as guaranteed first page rankings. You are your brand and you are in control of your voice. Be different, stand out from the crowd and show people how your product, service or content can help them.


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