Grow Business Free Through Social Media [Infographic]

Your customers and readers are online so that’s where you should be as well. Did you know though that you could reach your target niche customers and clients for free online?

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Sure, free sound a bit cheap but when it comes to the Internet, free opportunities to promote your business are vastly available and the return on investment is nothing to laugh at!

5 Ways to Market Your Business Through Social Media for Free

  1. Get Facebook Fans – Facebook is a great way to get started with social media (if you are B2C), as there is a good chance your readers, clients and customers are have a Facebook account. Just set up a Facebook Fan Page and those connections will start to grow. One fan spreads the word to their 200 friends on Facebook and some may become fans of your product, business or service as well. Then those new fans tells their friends and so on. As long as you continue to keep up to date on the content of your Facebook Fan Page with links to blog posts and other creative content, that following will grow and you will have begun to build a true relationship with your customers and clients.
  2. Write a Blog – Even if you are not a writer, there is usually one person within a company that can write at least 500 words once a week to communicate with people online about your business. Blog posts are an easy means by which to convey new products, services or events that your company wants to highlight to their consumers. Give your clients simple tips, share a funny company store or announce a contest. The key is to engage the customers and have them return often to see what’s new.
  3. Connect at Conferences – Although there are a number of very expensive conferences and expos around the world, there are many free or inexpensive networking events in your own town. Check out sites such as, and LinkedIn Events for events in your neighborhood and make sure to sign up for future event notifications as well.
  4. Get Creative with Video – There’s a good chance your phone or computer came with a video camera built in. Using video to go viral about events you attend or company promotional updates is a great way to get the community involved. Post your videos on your website, blog, YouTube, Flickr, Ning, Vimeo and others to gain more exposure for free.
  5. Get LinkedIn – Yes, LinkedIn is for making business connections but many companies do not realize the potential to share company information as well. Fill out the company profile section for your company with keywords and targeted data, add company events to LinkedIn Events and create a LinkedIn Group to connect with relevant business contacts to further share data and spread company awareness.

Social Media Works for Small Business
While there is no “one size fits all” approach to social media and networking web sites, companies and individuals will find success marketing themselves in distinctive ways. Some companies may enjoy blogged while others feel a Facebook Fan Page is more in line with their company’s needs and target audience. The point is that each company is different and these tools have helped countless other small businesses, consultants, bloggers and individuals reach their target audience through the frugal way which is social media. If you have a zero budget or want to keep costs low, take a deeper look at social media networking.


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