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What we are all about

What I do is give you the tools to:

  • See how your business stands out from your competitors.
  • Come up with a solid long-term online strategic plan.
  • Launch your business content with the greatest chance of success.

The way I do this is by giving you the knowledge and tools that successful SEO strategists use to analyze every area they invest their time and money in. Whether you’re a B2B, B2C, eCommerce shop, entrepreneur, or Fortune 500 company, I’ve made this information easy to apply to your industry.

I translate the technical into a language anyone can understand and implement.

From Point A to Point BI am also about making is as simple as possible for you to get your business website off the ground and to the top of the search engines. SEO isn’t rocket science but there is a logical art to it that requires you know certain things to be successful. My Human SEOtm technique concentrates on these. In my experience, there is a great deal of search engine, social media, and digital marketing information out there but it has always been written in a way that is difficult to understand, let alone implement.

My success hinders on your success. I believe that, given the right opportunity, anyone can become successful online through SEO, social media strategies, and digital marketing. Sure, it will be work but it will be work you can understand and will show results!


What Shannon K Steffen is all about

Excira WorkingI love to travel around the world and share my experiences and skills to help others succeed. My strength is in logical thinking and asking the important questions.

I not only have a BA in Philosophy, with a concentration on symbolic logic, but I also have a MBA in Technology Management – Global eCommerce. My over 18 years of experience in technology has allowed me to see the full picture when it comes to businesses and has given me the foundation to work with resources a business has to create the success they want.

I have successfully started and run several businesses – including a number of eCommerce retail shops that had given me the opportunity to travel through Europe while continuing to make money. Through this experience, I have helped hundreds of people develop profitable businesses through solid principles, coupled with the ability to stand out and get found online.

And I do all this from a home office, which allows me the flexibility to give only my best to my clients.

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The site has 3 main sections:

  1. The Why: About the Company, Why Work with Us?, and Our Philanthropy
  2. The What: SEO Audits and SEO Learning Products
  3. The Who: Some of Our Clients and Awesome Client Testimonials


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