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I know it can be hard trying to find the right SEO specialist and digital marketing strategist to work with.

Shannon K Steffen SEO Strategist

Most SEO “experts” like to use big, fancy terms that leave you itching to get out of their office as fast as you can.

Don’t worry.  That’s not me.

If you’re looking for a qualified SEO strategist to help you through the maze of search engines and digital marketing strategies, there’s a possibility I’m a good fit.

“Anyone looking for the Swiss Army knife of search engine optimization (SEO), web design and social media program execution need look no further then Shannon Steffen.” –Omar B., Director of Business Development

The outline below summarizes the typical profile of clients I work with.  If you feel this describes you, I would love for you to contact me for an initial interview.

This isn’t a high pressured sales call.  This is a chance to see if we mesh well together.

A Taste of Real SEO Planning

I’ve had the awesome pleasure of working with an amazing group of clients over the past 18 years.

While every client has a unique personality and story, the people I work with also tend to have very strong similarities in their online goals.

Here’s a look at the typical clients I am currently working with:

  • My clients are business owners and marketing professionals that are frustrated trying to get found online.
  • My clients consider themselves to be driven. They strive for success but are willing to accept help in areas that aren’t their passion.
  • My clients understand the importance of being found online and that website success depends on quality long-term SEO solutions and strategies.
  • My clients realize that there is more to life than just search engine traffic. They take pride in their businesses, spending time with their families, and living each day to the fullest.

In case that isn’t clear, here’s a typical profile of what my clients do not look like:

  • My clients do not call wanting “quick fix” unethical black hat cheap SEO tactics.
  • My clients do not consider a rant by some guy overseas to be sound guaranteed SEO advice.
  • My clients do not let one low website traffic day derail them from their long-term online goals.

My SEO Approach

Website-SEO-Audit-SKSI am a professional SEO Specialist and Strategist who proudly acts as a digital marketing partner for my clients. This means I have a vested interest to put my clients’ success before my own in all recommendations I make.

Each client goes through my step-by-step process called the Human SEOtm Blueprint.

Within this process, I get to really know my client’s business passion and goals. I help them identify the strengths, challenges, and opportunities they have in achieving their online business marketing goals.

Clients will also get access to the latest SEO solutions and updates newsletter, which allows them to stay on top of online business trends and ensure a return on their investment.

I believe that my clients deserve the latest search engine news and digital marketing strategies, so I am constantly exploring and investing in new research and analysis tools. Because of this, my digital marketing approach tends to be more proactive then the typical SEO “expert” role with which most people are familiar.

Upon completion of my process, my client will receive a custom SEO strategic plan, as well as a long-term action list that is unique to them.

These plans are primarily built around the online goals and success metrics of my clients.

Humans first, then the search engines.

The Way I Communicate

Laptop on Kitchen Table with Cup of CoffeeAs you’ve probably noticed by my blogging activities, I communicate regularly with clients via web conferencing (like Skype), phone, and email to regularly communicate.

My experience is that it is very, very difficult for SEO specialists and digital marketing strategists to actually perform their job if they are on the phone or in meetings all day, every day.

Because of this, I block off 2 1/2 days per week to handle client meetings.

The rest of my days are spent doing research and producing more valuable content that will benefit my clients.

To ensure that my time is best spent handling the essential client issues, I have built a support system that takes pride in customer service. My team is trained to always put the client’s needs first.

If you’re the person that feels the need to be constantly on the phone with their SEO strategist, then I’m probably not going to be the best option for you.

It has been my experience that phone conversations without a clear “plan of attack” often deviate from what my primarily role is:  helping my clients achieve their goals.

That is very different from having a scheduled phone appointment where we have a specific list of talking points that we need to address on that call.  Those calls are highly efficient, and are strongly encouraged.