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When creating a new blog, many writers are often more concerned about the topic and look of the blog than the personality behind the blog.

Happy Woman Blogger

The blog personality is the level of fascination and engagement that brings the readers coming back for more.

If you run the corporate blog of a highly popular product or service, chances are that you can easily get readers.

For those of us that that are entrepreneurs, freelancers or just every day human beings that want to help other people, picking the right personality for our blog is crucial to its success.

Blogger decision.

Being a successful entrepreneur and author of 4 blogs doesn’t make it any less difficult for me to pick one voice to convey my message.

Should my blog be information rich and remind users of always handy how-to manual or should I not only provide loads of helpful tips but also give commentary or reviews to truly connect with my readers on a level that they are identify?

Yes, I am a human being that writes blog articles and, depending on which of my blogs you read, you may find differing personalities. Some many be able to handle multiple personalities but not me.

Decide who you are.

I am a Linchpin in my areas of expertise.

I enjoy helping other people and giving them the tools they need in order to succeed.

I don’t look for my name is bright lights on their company website but rather just knowing that I have made a difference is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

(Sure, getting paid always helps as well.)

Although I have a killer logo, I don’t use it as a shield to hide my personality. This may be great for some of the larger companies but people don’t connect on a deeper level with your logo – you fascinate them; who you are and what drives you to succeed.

Depth of knowledge combined with good judgment is worth a lot. (Seth Godin, Linchpin)

Blog readers come for your knowledge of the topic and value your insight.

That’s what keeps them reading and that’s what drives them to share your knowledge with those in their social networking groups, peer groups, family and companies.

Make the choice.

So, if you have a blog or are looking to create one, decide on how deeply you want your readers to embrace what they are reading and the message you are working to convey.

If your goal is to have another Wikipedia under your own domain then using your logo as your personality is fine.

But on the other hand, if you want your message to not only be read but also felt and shared, then don’t be afraid to add some personality to your blog posts.

Your human – don’t be afraid to let your blog readers know that.

Are you a blogger that is afraid to add personality to your blog posts or let readers know what you think? Or are you a writer that lets the readers know your human side? Chime in!

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