Increase Blog Popularity Through Tracking

It is not as easy as “write and they will come”. You need to know where your visitors are landing, what they are reading, how they are sharing that information and when they are visiting your blog most often.

Key to Blogging Success

Your blog is a website and in order to be a successful blogger, you need to track those blog readers through 4 easy steps.

4 Ways To Track Your Blog Visitors

  1. What do they search on? Whether you use a search field WordPress tracker, such as Search Meter, or track your site search with Google Analytics Goals, knowing what your readers are looking for will help to refine and grow your blog. If there is a keyword that keeps popping up on your search analytics, you may want to expand on that topic or add a quick link to that popular post on the front of your blog. Make it easy for your readers to find what they are looking for and give them what they crave on your blog.
  2. What do they feed on? Having a blog RSS feed will help bring your blog to the readers in their preferred reader. However, knowing what they click on and read through will give insight into what catches their attention. Maybe your headlines are lacking in a call to action or your readers find that your topics are not worth the click. Find out and refine those catchy titles and feeds.
  3. What do they download? If you have documents, ebooks or any other type of down-loadable file on your blog, you may want to keep track of what is being downloaded. For this, you can use the WordPress Download Monitor plugin or Google Analytics Goals Funnels to monitor those downloads are most popular and can be capitalized on.
  4. What are your readers saying? Blog comments are often overlooked sources of tracking and feedback. Add a Google Analytics goal to track when those readers click the comment submit button to easily keep track of your most socially connected blog posts.

As you can see, writing a blog is just part of being a successful blog writer. The truly successful and followed blogs are those that know what their visitors want and are willing to take the time to bring that information to them.


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