Increase Social Search with Foursquare Lists

We make lists for everything we love and we love sharing this information with our friends.

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Well, Foursquare knows how much you want to let your friends know the best places to try new things so they’ve now created Foursquare Lists. With this new list feature, users are not only able to share more of the things they like but businesses they want to refer as well.

Lists are about sharing information with your friends. That’s what social search is all about. Friends share information through social media networks and this sharing helps the search engines find and rank them better on their search engine results page (SERP).

Foursquare Lists are easy to use as users can create lists directly from their profile pages.

This is a great opportunity for brick and mortar businesses to capitalize on in order to grow their brand recognition and business success. Successful offline business should verify that all their Foursquare information, such as address, contact information, category, tags and tips are all updated through the business portal on Foursquare’s website. If someone adds your venue to their list, you can be confident that potential customers will know everything they need about your business.

Have fun, be social and get found!

Is your company listed on Foursquare? How do you think the list functionality will impact your venue listing or business success?

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you leave a comment below!


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