Instagram for Business: Choosing the Right Content

If you’ve already read my article on businesses starting out on Instagram, then you know that Instagram is a great social media network for most business marketing success.

Instagram Tips for Business Content

All you need is a goal and a personality to not only engage people but also turn customers into brand champions.

But you’re probably wondering what in the world you could share that people would care about.

Here are a few tips to showcase your business brand while engaging people.

4 Instagram Tips for the Right Business Content

  1. Give a little sneak peek. If you’re a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Company, this could be a new product or service that you will be launching soon. Giving people a small taste, in a visual format, will engage your clients and they will want to share it with his or her own network. (Check out Starbucks on Instagram.) For the Business-to-Business (B2B) Company, a great idea is to showcase your business, team members, and events. Let people get to know your brand on a more personal level. (Check out Hubspot on Instagram.)
  2. Cuteness definitely sells. All right, I admit, I post a lot of pictures of my dogs on Instagram – and they have a huge following. Funny quotes and cute animals go viral faster than any other images online. This is because people connect with both their eyes and their emotions. So, if you have furry interns (like I do), then share their best photos with your Instagram network.
  3. Share your news with the world. Have a new hire or an awesome business culture, share this with Instagram. Announcing new hires, profiling your staff and promoting cool things about your organization gives people a sign that you have a personality. And, personality sells!
  4. Share your customers and service with others. I love how Virgin America shares a taste of their company on Instagram. They not only showcase their company culture but their customers and the fun things they do to ensure their customers have a great trip. People love the spotlight – share yours with them.

Whatever you decide to share, make sure it is worthy of your company’s brand. Put your personality and marketing goals first to create the Instagram content that takes your business to a whole new level online.

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Question: What are your thoughts on using Instagram for business?


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