Successful Business Tips for Using Instagram

You already know the basics of Instagram for business and even understand the best content to share on this highly visual social media network.

Instagram Success Tips

Of course, with any good business social media strategy, there are always a few more tips to round out a successful online marketing plan. To help, here are 8 more tips on how to successful use Instagram for your business.

8 Tips to Rock Your Business Instagram Plan

  1. Follow a cohesive brand theme. People can connect with your passion through photos. When you start including photos that don’t seem to fit with your normal theme, you lose that connection. Stay true.
  2. Give your brand a personality. I know I’ve said this before but you can’t hide behind a desk or even your logo. A successful social media strategy is one that shows the true personality of a brand. People want to do business with people – not logos. Don’t be afraid to show a little personality.
  3. It’s not about pushing your stuff. Don’t just advertise your brand, products, or services. Instagram is a great place to showcase your personality and love of what you do. Become an authority leader in your industry by connecting and engaging in creative ways.
  4. Don’t forget about the Calls to Action (CTAs). In order to engage with someone, you need to… well… engage. A call to action on the image itself is most likely to grab the attention of your target market. Make them stand out.
  5. Apply the 80/20 rule. This is a very simple rule in marketing and it holds true to social media. Happy customers are that like to connect on a human level. With that said, 20% can be about your products and services (push) while the other 80% of your Instagram photos should be related to your business but aren’t specifically your business.
  6. Embrace the feedback. You can learn a lot from your target market and customers. Listen up and pay attention.
  7. Guest contributors love to help. Invite other people to contribute to your Instagram feed but asking users to include a branded hashtag in their posts. This creates buzz on many levels and gets your brand in front of their friends.
  8. Love the hashtag but don’t abuse it. Hashtags are as easy as putting the pound symbol in front of your brand or tagline. (e.g. #HumanSEO) A hashtag acts a sort of highlighter for the Internet and has become a cross-platform social media currency.

The key to using Instagram wisely for your business is to first understand your business and your customers. Once you know the goals and personality of both, follow through and connect with visually stimulating photos that captivate your audience.

Question: If you use Instagram for your business – what’s the one tip that you’ve found most helpful?


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