Is it Social Media or SEO? Removing the Confusion.

Some say that SEO is dead. Others that social media is the new SEO. I’m here to tell you that SEO is alive and kicking through social media.

SEO and Social Media Puzzle Pieces

The two have joined forces to bring the most relevant and unique content to Internet users and here’s how.

It’s no secret that search engine optimization (SEO) strategies have changed. The relationship between being active in social media and its effect on your search engine rankings (AKA PageRank) has been widely illustrated from expert to expert. The solidifying factor was the introduction of Google+, the Google +1 button and Google+ Authorship. Many knew social media network activity had an effect on that coveted first place search engine ranking, but it was Google that first showed how deep the SEO rabbit hole really went.

With this change, it is not enough for SEO experts to simply lay the foundation for successful SEO and give their clients a list of keywords. Today, the SEO expert has turned into the social media optimization (SMO) expert whose primary focus is organic Internet strategies.

The New SEO Expert Responsibilities

  • Site Accessibility – Creating a site search engines can easily crawl and index
  • Keyword Research and Targeting – Choosing and employing the right keywords effectively
  • Content Strategy – Strategic planning of content that is valuable, relevant and unique
  • Content Creation – Execute creation of evergreen content through blog posts, apps, tools, etc.
  • Link BuildingTracking and gaining link opportunities
  • New Search ProtocolsXML Sitemaps, author relations, etc.
  • Search Verticals – Blogs, social media, local, video, etc.
  • Community Management – Creating engagement and brand awareness
  • Social Media Promotion – Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc.
  • Social Network Reach – Target market research and connections
  • Reputation Management – Brand search results and tracking success factors (KPI)
  • Local and Maps OptimizationLocal search placement and activity monitoring

A Happy Marriage for Online Success

What once was a hands-off approach to SEO has not become an “all-hands-on-deck” approach that not only creates an Internet business funnel but also truly connects with the target market online.

“Old school” SEO and social media marketing are quite different. SEO is not only a science but also an art that increases the business success through brand connectedness. Social media marketing is the creation of content that drives the target market to share your content with their trusted sources. Together, they create long-lasting relationships that increase business success – regardless of future search engine algorithm changes. It’s called Human SEOtm.


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  • Bharathi Priya

    Yes. I really understand the difference. Previously, we were focussed mainly on building keywords, getting page rank and bringing our website to the top of the search results. Now we are always on twitter, facebook pages, rather than spending more time on list of directory submissions.

    • Shannon Steffen

      Smart choice, Bharathi. However, remember that keywords are still important as they convey a great deal about you, your brand and your goals. Without keywords, searching for images would be impossible (at this point). Be social and convey your message clear through your keywords and passion for your product/service.

      Thanks for the awesome feedback!

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  • Social Media Optimization

    In fact, it should be accompanied by these two things SEO and social media together rather than exclusively as in fact, the media can help to increase social search engine presence.