Quick SEO Tip: JavaScript Drop Down Menus

JavaScript can make the most boring of websites more dynamic and interactive.

JavaScript Bad Habits Image

With a little bit of coding, a company can have a website that entices it’s customers and catches their attention to a call to action on the website. However, many companies don’t realize that JavaScript is not search engine optimization (SEO) friendly and it doesn’t play well with Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

JavaScript Bad Habits

  • JavaScript is very code intensive and there are a number of problems associated with it:
  • There is the opportunity to have a coding error that prevents the search engine spiders from reading the rest of the content on your website.
  • JavaScript coding takes up a lot of room and moves the quality keyword dense content and text links to the bottom of the website code.

Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing cannot read inside the JavaScript code to index or follow any links or content.

If you absolutely must use JavaScript on your website for image maps, image links or navigational drop down menus here are 3 SEO white hat tactics.

JavaScript Good Habits

  1. Please ensure that text links are available (and optimized) for search engine spiders to follow.
  2. Research the use of the “noscript” HTML tag to optimize any internal or external links.
  3. Move all JavaScript coding to an external file and keep quality content (that is easily spidered) on the main page.

There are definitely more natural and organic JavaScript SEO tips and tricks available. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact me to discuss how we may help you with your website SEO.


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