Maximizing Your Twitter Tweets for Higher Engagement (Infographic)

You’ve probably run across more than a few blog posts that offer tips on how to maximize Twitter for businesses and brands.

They’ll usually tell you about asking questions and following the right people, but do they tell you what are the best times to tweet or how many characters you should limit your tweets to in order to be effective? If not, then here’s a great infographic published by Fusework Studios that is based on a statistical review by Buddy Media entitled “Strategies for Effective Tweeting”.

Twitter Engagement Best Practices

1. Tweets have the highest community engagement on weekend, between 8AM and 7PM. (Based on the location of your target market.)

There was a 17% increase in Twitter engagement for brands on Saturdays and Sundays. Wednesdays and Thursdays show the lowest levels of engagement.

2. Tweets with less than 100 characters are considered to be the most engaging.

There is a 17% increase in Twitter engagement when Tweets are less than 100 characters. Best to be short and energetic.

3. Hashtags are one of the keys to engagement. Best practices is to keep it to two hashtags (#) per Tweet.

Twitter engagement increased by 21% if a Tweet contains one or two hashtags. However, if you use more, the engagement decreases.

4. Ask for a ReTweet (RT) and for higher rate of sharing.

ReTweet rate of any post increased 12x when a brand or business asks for a ReTweet from their followers. And, if you spell it out, you increase your chances even more.

Only 1% of businesses and brands practice this.

Read on for more great data and tips to help you Stand Out! and Get Results! on Twitter.

Maximizing Your Tweets Infographic

Question: How do you increase engagement on Twitter for your brand or business? Comment below.

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